Monday, June 3, 2013

A Motherly Gathering

My mother is such a thoughtful and wonderful person. She's always been the supporter of my dreams, the pick me up when I'm down, the voice of reason and true concern, the creative you-can-do-anything-with-the-right-attitude kindof woman.

She's also the woman I've always looked up to. So when she asked to throw me a party, it was truly quite the honor. The parties (click here for a past one) she's hosted haven't been the typical baby shower types but more like special celebrations. Each party has included a gathering of genuine, down-to-earth women, meaningful conversation, and just the right kind of decorative touches, all of which have been very memorable to me. 

For this party we drew inspiration from this Book Shower featured on the blog Inchmark Journal. I liked how its focus was on something so universal like books, but still meaningful and fun. I've always been fond of the little coffe shop and cafe, Citrus & Sage (btw- did you know it used to be a bookstore?). We gathered there in this cozy little nook to share in a delicious array of food, flowers (end of May is the perfect time of year for Peonies!), icy cold lemonade (a pregnant woman's dream!) and stimulating conversation about the chapters of childhood and motherhood by bringing our favorite childhood book to discuss.

 As much as we give and give and give to various things in our lives, I realized how important days like this one are to me. Because beyond the "mom talk" at play dates there are real remarkable women to be found. I'm extremely grateful for the fellow mothers that I'm able to call my friends as well as the realization that we're here for each other in a much bigger way ~ a way that deserves to be celebrated.

"You know when I feel inwardly beautiful? When I am with my girlfriends and we are having a goddess circle. "  - Jennifer Aniston  

Thanks again to my Mother for providing our circle a chance to share in one another, and to all of my friends and their thoughtful gifts and well was a delightful day from beginning to end!


  1. Looks like a beautiful gathering. I've always loved Citrus and Sage. What a great party location!

    I know your new baby is right around the corner. I've been thinking about you and am excited for the new addition to your family.

  2. How fun! :) That is such a sweet idea.