Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our Little Haven

Just finished up with the last details of our relaxing little haven. You know, that space for the baby and I to go when his/her brothers are causing a ruckus. Now that this space is complete, my toes are freshly painted, and Bart's finally installed the newborn car seat, I dare say that we are officially: ALL SET. Little baby, you're welcome to arrive anytime now! ;)
As I mentioned earlier, plans are for the baby and I to co-sleep. So, we just purchased a new full sized mattress which I think fits the size and scale of this room really well. As I envisioned this space I not only wanted it to provide our newborn and I with all of our needs, but also blend well with our pre-existing traditional guest room bedding. By basing the main pieces in the room in neutral colors, I think the pops of bright colors still compliment everything well in addition to adding that friendly childhood feel. Click here to view this space when it was previously used as Benjamin's room.

View from the opposite side of the wall. I still wanted us to have room for our glider (I say once you glide you'll never want to rock again!), our pack-n-play which will also serve double-duty as a changing station/bouncer encasing to keep his/her's curious bros away (half kidding half not) during naps, and our mini Umbra stainless steel trash can (can't see it but it's in between the pack-n-play and that whicker storage cart) for dirty diapers and such.

End of the bed bench provides us with storage for all those extra baby needs....wraps, carriers, waterproof mats, play mats, soft toys, etc....trust me with this being our third, we've really got it all!

Close up of my favorite whicker storage cart. I bought this while living in my first college dorm for my make-up/toiletries and can't even tell you how many other things I've used it for since. First off, it's just the right size. Second, it's got four separate compartments that are easy to view and access. Third, it's got wheels and can therefore be scooted around as needed. 

Had to show this awesome possum closet. Right now it has baby's clothes on the right and my maternity clothes on the left. In a few weeks I'll add in some postpartum clothes for myself. I know this sounds weird but I've really liked sharing a closet with our baby so far. It's probably because I'm obsessed with the smell of Dreft and I keep getting a nice fresh whiff of it every.time.I.open.these.doors.

And lastly I wanted to show everyone what a gender neutral wardrobe looks like because this seems to be the #1 concern amongst people when I tell them we've chosen not to find out the gender of our baby ahead of time. Yes, I'll of course still have some shopping to do if it's a girl but regardless, he/she will not be clothes-less. Notice all the colors other than yellow in there? And yes, girls can still wear blue (I happen to LOVE navy) and be just fine.

So, there you have it. Our 4th trimester haven that didn't cost us any more than a closet organizer, trash can, and a mattress. Yes, we did have a lot of these items before hand, but I hope this post goes to show that you too could simply re-use furniture from around your home and add in a few decorative details and other necessities to still achieve a functional space with room to grow or transition into something else entirely. Click here to view a mom who created a happy little baby space in her very own walk-in closet!

Room Details
Full sized TLC Serta brand mattress set ~ Fisher Home Outlet, Logan, Utah
Reversible Nautica Comforter ~ Marshalls
Embroidered lampshade and lamp base ~ IKEA
Ralph Lauren Striped Euro Shams ~ TJ Maxx
Pottery Barn Puckered Quilt Shams ~ Downeast Outfitters
Safety First Pack-n-Play ~ Costco
Whicker Storage Cart ~ Bed, Bath & Beyond
Mini Stainless Steel Umbra Trash Can ~ Bed, Bath & Beyond
Closet Organizer (I added the shelf labels with sticky tabs) ~ Amazon.com


  1. What an awesome space! you are certainly ready! We can't wait for your little babe to arrive!

  2. Love your space! Hope you 2 are enjoying it!