Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Recommendation please.

Once upon a time we had 2 blenders. Now we have 0. The first one was a cheap-o one that I got while still in college, the second one a nice glass Kitchenaid brand from Bart's grandma. Then we moved. Things got mixed up, and somehow our nice one ended up who knows where, so we used the cheap-o one (since it still worked) until it recently went kaput.

So, we're now shopping for a new one. A nice one, but in the budget of $100-$200. Any recommendations? I tried calling Kitchen Kneads (local kitchen goods store) and they really recommended the Breville Hemisphere, but when I checked it out on amazon.com the reviews were only so-so. Since we liked Bart's grandma's blender (and the fact that it lasted so long we think is very good proof) we're considering a KitchenAid one. When we got married we received a lovely buttercream colored KitchenAid hand mixer that has worked wonderfully for us, so I'm partial to that brand for that reason too.

Main things we plan to use it for are smoothies, soups, and some milkshakes. Any recommendations you have would be much appreciated, thanks!


  1. We have a blentec that we love but I am not sure if that's out of your price range (ours was a gift). We have a brevelle toaster and haven't been thrilled with it but we love our kitchen aid.

  2. Kate...about 2 months ago I bought a Vitamix at Costco...expensive but oh so worth it as they last forever...I have been making daily smoothies for all of us...we are so healthy! :-)

  3. Blenders are hard to buy for I think. We are now on a kitchen aid and so far so good but its almost 2 years old. I can't wait to hear about what you pick.