Monday, March 5, 2012

Go Jazz Go!

So, the Utah Jazz have been a bit of hit or miss (pun intended) lately. But, like this article states, at least they have been interesting. Regardless of their major losing streak on the road, I'm a true blue/purple/green Jazz fan through and through. In case any of you missed the the Miami game last Friday, there's a clip below that you should watch. Devin Harris really HEATed (cheesy pun intended again) things up with his last minute shot (you may want to fast forward to the 2:25 minute mark). Take special notice of Devin Harris's body slams on the floor (reminds me of the Chaturanga Yoga pose), as well as one of the Jazz team's staff freaking out from the bench. Gotta love it baby.

p.s. "Go Jazz Go!" is what Benjamin says at the t.v. when watching ANY sporting event.

p.s.s. Benjamin's quote of the day..."Mom, I have cheese in my sock."
(no idea why he said that because he didn't, nor did he have any socks on, or any cheese)


  1. Nathan and Blake got to go to that game at the last minute with my dad! My dad's company has a box for the Jazz games and he ended up with 4 tickets Friday afternoon for that game, so he took Nathan and Blake with him since we were down there skiing that day. All 3 had a great time! ...and Nicole and I had a fun girls night with my mom :) I thought of you when they went to the game though :) fact I have something for you that the guys picked up at the game!

  2. What lucky guys!!! I bet they had a blast. How thoughtful of you to think of me. I dream of going to Jazz games. :)

  3. That was a great game. I'm sorry I missed it. I agree with you though, up or down this season, the Jazz have been interesting.