Thursday, March 1, 2012

Partying & Decorating

I don't know about the rest of you but come mid-Januaryish I've found I can fall into a bit of a winter slump. Maybe it's partly because the excitement of the holidays are gone, or the fact that Utah still has at least 2 more months of cold weather, but I decided I needed to plan something fun. something simple. something yummy. So, a couple of weeks ago, I threw my first...cookie exchange party! 

For those of you unfamiliar, you can learn more about them here. I loved hosting it because it provided me with a theme (went along great with the valentines day decor I already had up), and since everyone was bringing a treat, all I had to do was set out a few trays, snacks, and drinks (click here for details about that red vase!). I kept it simple by just inviting 5 girlfriends, and didn't want anyone to stress over hours of baking, so asked each to only bring 1 dozen. It worked out great for everyone to come with one kind, then leave with a variety!

So that everyone could admire everyone's delicious and beautiful baking efforts, I put down a strip of white butcher paper on top of the table cloth so that I could label the treats directly on the paper with pink and red markers. I also set out the game Table Topics for a fun ice breaker. 

What a scrumptious array of goodies we had! It was also fun to learn about everyone's recipes and talk about why we chose to bring that particular treat. I thought that maybe people would be on a goodie-overload right after Valentines day, but everybody assured me that homemade treats such as these are always welcomed!

I sent each baker home with a little take-home gift of these mini-cutting boards. I found them at the Dollar store, and can't believe how handy they are...I'm always finding myself in need of just a small one- especially when preparing snacks all the times for my boys. I found the cute little baker themed tags at Michaels, and wrote the following message on the back: "Thanks so much for coming and sharing your yummy treat. Here's a mini-cutting board that I think is really neat!"

In addition to planning this party, I've also been working on Grant's 1st. I decided on a circus theme and can't wait to show you all the fun we'll have going on with that in a couple months. I've also been doing a bit of spring inspired decorating. As Bart says, "I'm always re-decorating somewhere" but feel just a little something (even switching out rugs with others around the house), can go a long way! I came across the above shown Ralph Lauren toss pillows (sorry the above pic isn't great) at TJ Maxx. I love how the bold stripes provide that graphic punch, while the textured citron green provides a refreshing and calming affect to the rest of the room. We also just ordered this custom upholstered headboard for our bedroom in Linen Sand fabric (we scored with it being 20% off during their Feb. upholstery sale). It should arrive in couple weeks (will post pics)...we're so excited! 

Hope you all are finding fun ways to enjoy the indoors until the outdoors warm up again (unless you're lucky and get to live somewhere sunny all year round!). Remember it doesn't take much to freshen things up with a little party or different/new home decor. I am a big believer in celebrating what you love~ hey, maybe that love-inspired month of February isn't so bad after all!


  1. Looks like a fun party! I'll have to throw one here. Great idea.

  2. The cookie party was a blast! And I also use mini cutting boards all the time! We had 2 and I had been thinking I needed one or two more so I was so excited to take one home from the party! Thanks again!!!

  3. Yay for a cookie party! My mom had a Pampered Chef party like this right around Christmas time- it was wonderful! I love that headboard. It is currently something I am pining over- or just real bedroom furniture in general!