Tuesday, June 22, 2010


After close to 4 months of asking around, researching online, and searching in stores I FINALLY found bottled (by the jug) fluorinated water at....Walgreens! The brand is called Nursery and you can read more about their products here.

The reason why my husband and I were on a such a hunt for fluorinated water is because the water here in Logan does NOT have it added to our public supply and at our son's 6 mon. visit, our pediatrician prescribed a full medicine dropper of it to give to our son daily. We tried it for a few days but dreaded it because it smelled, and gave our gave our son a bad, bad diaper rash, so we called it quits. After talking to some dentists, we were told it would be fine to topically apply kids toothpaste to his teeth and that it would be just fine if we waited until 18 mon. to try a fluoride-only prescription. 

We also heard it was possible to buy bottled fluorinated water, but couldn't find it (we checked every local grocery store) until my surprise last weekend at the Walgreens for only $1.49 per gallon. SCORE! We are ecstatic to find this brand and hope it helps any of you who like the idea of offering digestible fluoride in a friendlier way. If so, here's the list of other retailers that carry it:

p.s. They say the rule of thumb as to how much fluoride a baby should have is 0.06 milligrams of fluoride per kilogram of body weight, (which is when they're about 13 lbs.) but as always, check with your doctor before administering.


  1. We have had to go through the same thing. However, we were able to find the water at good old Walmart. I can't believe that they don't have it in the Logan one! We can't wait to see you guys in just a week or so! I will email you soon. Take care, annie

  2. I don't shop at Walmart as a way to protest the way the way they run out smaller businesses and treat their employees. I also can never seem to find anything (stores are not set up to my liking), and the one here in Logan smells. Seriously, it smells like throw-up every time I've been there. We do have a membership at Sams Club, who I know is owned by them, but I don't get the same feeling there like I do at Walmarts, and it's only because there aren't any Costco's or Targets here!