Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Tulip Skirt

tu*lip skirt (noun): 1. similar to a pencil skirt, but with wider hips and a short hemline. tulip skirts cinch at the waist, balloon out at the hips (usually through the use of pleats or ruching) and then taper back down to the legs. 2. a must-have summer item for every fashionista. I heard through the grapevine that this skirt is turning up everywhere. I'll have to wait until post-baby to see if the trend continues....I hope so because I LOVE tulips! Here's some TUtips on how to wear (taken from:
  • Tulip skirts look best on women with a medium or thin build, but the ballooning hips are forgiving, so just about anyone can get in on the trend.

  • Since it defeats the whole purpose of the skirt to cover the unique waist and pleating or detailing, tulip skirts are best paired with short-waisted tops, or thin blouses and shirts that can be tucked in. If you simply must layer a cardigan or blazer over a tight-fitting top, leave it open so the detail of the skirt can still be seen.

  • If you're going for long legs, wear heels with your tulip skirt. If the skirt's style is more casual, ballet flats are the way to go.

  • And don't think your tulip skirt days are numbered. When the weather turns cold, pair your skirt with neutral tights, or go for the monochromatic look with a tulip skirt, tights and shoes in the same shade.

Available at (although a bit pricey), and I'm sure eventually at Anthropologie. Cheaper versions may also be found at Urban Outfitters (Gateway Mall in SLC).

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