Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bad movies of 2009

After watching yet another okay movie last night (Up), I got to thinking about how most of the movies that Bart and I have watched within the last few months have been pretty disappointing. Here's a quick list of recent ones that I was less than impressed with.
  • Coraline (cute name but really creepy story)
  • Adventureland (I felt like I'd already seen it before....)
  • Away We Go (started off good, but then got a bit off course and all in all just didn't do it for me)
Feel free to add your own bad ones to this list, or recommend some good ones. I have yet to see Julie & Julia, Post-Grad, Love Happens, Adam, or Couples Retreat- but they're all on my must-rent list as soon as they come out!


  1. The Ugly Truth, 4 Christmases, Monsters vs. Aliens, Role Models, The Soloist, He's Just Not That Into You, Nights in Rodanthe. 2009 just hasn't had any great movies!

  2. PS, do you have Netflix? One of the greatest things ever.

  3. Yeah, my neighbor kids brought Coraline over when I was babysitting them one night and I turned it off half way through. It is so NOT a kid movie! I hated it. I am not really a Tim Burton fan though. So, you didn't like UP? Ethan and I giggled a lot during it, we actually watched it last night. I have yet to finish it though..I am not sure how it ends. I agree with Away We Go, I felt the same way!

  4. I liked UP- I just didn't love it. From all of the hype about it this summer, I had pretty high expectations, like for it be as good as Ratatouille or Finding Nemo. I found the dogs in it to be quite a strange addition, as well as that odd bird....

    I agree with you Lauren on He's Just Not That Into You. That one was not as good as I had hoped or as it could have been. My sister also said that Nights in Rodanthe was bad too. Bart and I really liked Four Christmases though...kindof off humor, but still pretty funny. We don't have Netflix- but maybe we should consider seeing how we're staying in much more these days!