Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This month of February has been filled with goodbyes and hellos so here goes....

goodbye graphic-free blog header and hello to an easy-to-do and free header template download (see above).

goodbye gloomy gray skies and hello to sunny days by Elizabeth Mitchell.

goodbye Borders (our favorite bookstore in Logan, which is now closing along with 200 others nationwide)  and hello to the old fashioned and out-of-date Book Table (gotta love Logan).

goodbye to our bad streak of movie rentals and hello to one really good movie: The Social Network. I was surprised to have liked this movie as much as I did since I'm not a part of the facebook phenomenon, but after a recommendation from my brother (who is also not a facebooker), I was open to giving it a try. Within just a few minutes of this movie, I was hooked. I found the dynamic between Mark (the main character and founder and CEO of facebook) and his colleagues fascinating and especially appreciated the fast pace and intriguing tone of the movie. I've always found the human motivators of power, money, prestige very interesting and this movie explores each of these in a very true and believable way that doesn't underestimate its audience. After researching the director (David Fincher) I learned he's also done many other famous movies such as The Fight Club and Seven (never seen either, but heard they're both really good), and The Game (I really liked this one!). I'll have to check out some others of his since it's not every day that I come across a director that I really like and I'm tired of wasting my time on bad movies.

Hope you all find some uplifting hellos to greet you during this last part of month...if not, I've got some goodies to share in my upcoming Cool Finds in Feb. post!

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  1. WE just watched the same movie. I liked it but was really buged by justin timber lake and all the drug stuff. But it was very interesting. I heard before I watched it that the mark kid was not supporting the movie and now I see why.
    I agree about the book stores. Boarders was the go to place. and has a good vibe. We did cash in on some of there sales though.