Thursday, June 17, 2010

Creative Toys

With Benjamin turning 9 months, I thought it was a good time to update our living room his toy chest with some new toys. I did some research on and found these 2 (International Playthings Flash Beat Drum and Playskool Busy Poppin' Pals) with really good reviews, and I thought they seemed fun, so off they hopped to my shopping cart. During the week time it took for them to be shipped, we both were getting a bit antsy, so I got creative and came up with this home-made toy, and guess which toy he likes best? The one that cost $0! See below for details...

Magical Scarf Toy

Necessary Materials:
  • At least 3 scarves
  • An empty container of oatmeal or square Kleenex box
  • Scissors
Now here's the how to:

First, find an empty container of oatmeal (as shown above), or square shaped Kleenex box. Then tie your scarves together to create one continuous strip.

Then place the scarves inside and pull out the end of one side through the top opening. (If using the oatmeal container, you have to cut a hole out) 

To play the game of Magical scarves, just dangle part of the scarf in front of your curious little one. They should happily grab ahold and enjoy pulling and pulling until all of the scarves come out (like they do with Kleenex's). You can also play with the scarves across the room by zig zagging them on the carpet, tug-o-war, or by holding the filled container of scarves high above their head and have them reach and climb for the scarves like a giant beanstalk!

So, listen to what your mother said about finding double use for everyday household goods as toys. After all, who doesn't have a kid who is thrilled at the sight of a spatula, measuring cups, or Tupperware?  

Oh, and as a side note, the other purchased toys are great and he has enjoyed playing with them too. I like how the Playskool Poppin' Pals teaches him cause and effect, and he loves the surprise when they pop up! The drum is also fun since he LOVES to bang on things. I got it because the reviews said the music/sounds aren't annoying. So true! The tunes have a Caribbean feel and are very tolerable and fun. But, like I said, nothing gives him a smile like his Magical Scarf Toy! 

Any home-made toys/games that your child really enjoys? 
I'd love to hear about 'um! 


  1. Kate, that is a GREAT idea, and I will totally have to make that for Brayden. He would LOVE it. It is so true, you could buy them ANY toy, but they want the Tupperware, the wooden spoons, the plastic cups, anything in the kitchen!

  2. Hi Kate,
    Great idea on the scarves! I am forwarding this to Rebecca as there is no shortage of scarves at our house and she is always interested in new play ideas for the twins. I know a similar game that she does play with our guys involves coffee cans with a slit cut in the lid and a bunch of plastic gallon milk lids.

    Also, we do own the second toy with all of the different types of switches on it and our guys at 2 years still love to play with it. They were especially proud the day they were able to get the twist one to open.

    You have some wonderful ideas and we would love to hear more. Chris H.