Friday, December 17, 2010

December is flying by...

I was signing for something at the store the other day where I had to write the date. I quickly confirmed with the clerk what day I thought it was..."Is today the 8th?" I asked. "Today's the 15th." She responded. I smiled in surprise and gasped in embarrassment. :O Where have I been? As I've blogged about before, I'm an early planner when it comes to the holidays, so I'm wondering if it's because everything's done that time has somehow stopped. I don't know if that's such a bad thing to happen in December because there always seems to be so many fun things going on, and I'm still in that stage where all of the snow looks so picturesque and festive. 

When pulling out my calendar, I also noticed that in a little over a month I'll already be in the 3rd trimester of this pregnancy! The first couple months were hard, but I've been in that 2nd trimester stage where I'm not too uncomfortable, can still get away with wearing a lot of my non-maternity clothes, and don't have go to the bathroom every second (just every other second). Although they say that every stage of pregnancy is part of the experience, there are still unique wonders to be discovered/noted at every stage. Feeling those first little movements are still my favorite!

Yesterday seemed to be the first day that Benjamin finally noticed my growing belly. I always tell him "baby" as I touch my stomach, but yesterday he smiled and waved at his little sibling. It was adorable. He also likes to feed us food and brings us toys; we think he's going to do a great job sharing and playing with this new addition to our family.

Hope you all are enjoying this holiday month ~ if not, start now because it's flying by fast!


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  1. I can't believe that Christmas is next weekend and then January will already be here! It seems our winter to do list is getting longer, and the time frame is getting shorter.

    3rd trimester for you already? WOW it sure is going by fast! :)