Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bare Necessities

photo credit here.
As I've shared, I had a goal at the beginning of the year to clean our house more often. That has yet to happen, so I've decided on a better one. One that relates to a major something that happened 3 1/2 years ago...

our move back to Cache Valley.

I know overall I've been pretty positive about this place, but growing up as a city girl, there have been times many occasions when I've longed for more restaurant choices, clothing stores, museums, theater, you know, big city stuff. When I was a college student here, I never really minded hopping in my car and cruising home for all of that but now as a mother of two, or even when I was pregnant with our first, it became easier to cut down on the road trips. Now I know to many, 1 1/2 hrs. isn't long, but for me it's extra. Extra worry, extra planning, extra stuff to bring along. So, we got smart about maximizing the most out of our stays there. But, now with two kids on two different napping, eating, and sleeping schedules (not complaining, we love being parents to them), we find we leave Logan much less, and when we do go, do more day trips. We also shop online a lot. I thought I would just get used to this way of life, but recently I've felt a bit withdrawn from the city of Salt Lake City and often wish our families were closer too.

A little something my mom said helped me re-frame my thinking. She pointed out how regardless if we lived in SLC, with these two young kids, I still wouldn't have time for all that big city stuff and it would just be even more tempting (ex. H&M). So, I should be thankful that I'm so far removed from it all because at least now I have an excuse! I quickly said, "You're right mom, I never thought about it like that!" Aren't moms the best at putting things back into perspective?

So thanks to her, and this fun little jingle from Jungle Book, I'm back on the Logan Lovin' Wagon. So we don't have a Target. So our entire mall can be shopped in 20-minutes (30 max.). So Main Street can take on a Saturday. It's friendly, safe, and conveniently provides us with all of the bare necessities within 15-minutes (reminds me of the movie Clueless where Cher's dad yells at her in that gas station parking lot about how everywhere in LA takes 15 minutes). I also found about this new breakfast restaurant, Herm's Inn that I just confirmed today is now OPEN! Click here for cool interior pics. Hope it's good 'cause we do like to support the local spots. Oh, and while on the topic of embracing things Logan...I have a small confession to make. A couple of weeks husband's college hosted a party at the Pizza Pie Cafe and...

I liked it.

Maybe it was the fact that dinner was solved for that night, or the ingenious combo of macaroni on pizza (don't knock it 'till you try it!), or their delicious raspberry dessert pie, but it was all surprisingly good. Maybe after this confession I no longer belong in a big city after all! Ha ha. That was a joke. I'd definitely still prefer fresh clay oven baked pizza and homemade gelato from Vinto any day. But until then, our family of four is going to continue to do fine here. Just look at the picture above....doesn't it look almost majestic? Ahhhh, just like home to us.


  1. I often wish we lived even in Pontiac, so that I wasn't 15 minutes from everything. BUT it IS nice to not have the distraction of Dairy Queen and Mcdonald's iced coffee within a 5 minute drive!

  2. The photo is beautiful. And I agree, college town-life isn't bad at all. I miss Boston/Cambridge much less than I expected to. Glad you're finding ways to enjoy Logan, too!