Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Out for a Date! (part 2)

I know you all must have been wondering when Kate would ever get around to posting Part 2 on the edge of your seats in suspense waiting for the second part of our date. Well, this was worth waiting for because it is the BEST restaurant that I've been to in SLC in a long time, and perhaps my favorite (for right now at least).

It's called....VINTO on 418 e. 200 s.

Go now!

Seriously, this place is fresh, cool, delicious, and even has incredibly attentive and generous staff. It is guaranteed to fit your mood whether you're just looking for a quick yummy bite, or a romantic outing for two. You can view pics of it here as well as their menu here, or you could just take our word for it that it's totally awesome.

The way their menu is set up is similar to tapas. Each course isn't very big so that you can layer the flavors to your liking or appetite. My husband and I ordered the Caprese (so simple but mouthwatering!), homemade fresh limeade (a MUST!), then he the Meatballs, me the Piadine (not what I was expecting, but still really good), shared the Patate Pizze (who can resist Yukon gold potatoes as a pizza topping?) and the Checca pasta, followed by Almond Joy Gelato (just surpassed pistachio as my new fave flavor). And once the waiter found out we were celebrating our wedding anniversary....ANOTHER Gelato to top it all off. On the house. This one turned out to be Bart's fav....Salted Caramel. Now that's our kind of celebration! :O

Eventually it was time for us to leave Vinto, but we will most DEFINITELY be back. If When you go, be sure to pre-pay if you park in the the parking lot to the right because it's not very well marked. Also, if you're looking for a yummy bite here in L-town, I just had a really good veggie sandwich at the Copper Mill (55 n. Main St.). It was served on soft squishy foccacia bread with sprouts, avocado, cucumbers, cheese, and fresh dill dressing. Their fries are really good too.

Bon Appetit!

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