Saturday, September 24, 2011

Always, Sometimes, Never

Came across this on another blog and thought I would do too....kinda fun!

I Always....
love to get a handwritten something in the mail
am up for shopping
fall asleep when putting our kids to sleep
have painted toes
check the expiration date on food

I Sometimes....
think being a mom is super hard
eat a half a bag of licorce without even realizing it
leave my two young boys alone together in a room (...but only for a second!)
go to the mall for exercise
forget about the laundry

I Never....
leave left over cook time numbers on the microwave screen
go anywhere without our double stroller
miss being single or married without kids
go to bed without brushing my teeth + washing my face
pass up a good cookie

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kate,
    Enjoyed your post as it provides an excellent window into your world. Although I try not to take myself too seriously here are my thoughts on always, sometimes and never.

    I always...
    love to find music in the sound of voices
    appreciate those who listen to the unspoken
    am inspired with the patience of others
    am completely amazed by the strength of women
    try to see where I can help make others strong
    delight in those with quick wit

    I sometimes...
    am so happy I cry happy tears
    forget my promise to "waste not a moment"
    wonder why people see me and smile
    play Mahjong online more than my limit - it's my thinking time and sorting/matching helps me settle and prepare my approach to the new day

    I never...
    want to forget the gifts of friendship
    get tired of hearing I did a good job
    want to intentionally cause hurt
    go to sleep at night without saying wow - thank you
    wake up without saying wow - thank you

    As soon as I complete who I am...I NEVER want to forget those who kindly shaped me and that most certainly includes you and your beautiful family!