Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Decor

When I heard that local interior designer, Michele Dunker, was throwing a Holiday Night Workshop/Dinner Party, I knew I had to go. My friend Tammy joined me and we had a great night ooohing and ahhhing over all the beautiful and clever decorating ideas, while eating delicious food catered by Hamiltons. The above picture is taken from the glamorous event and from her blog: mdunkerinteriors.blogspot.com. It was held in a large warehouse (her design studio) with white flowy curtains, glittery silver ornaments floating in the air, amber glass votive candles, and fresh cut white and ivory flowers. Those cute little miniature lemon cyprus trees that you see at each of the place settings were not only beautiful table toppers, but our take home gifts too!
Inspired by her classy approach to decorating, I thought I'd share some of my own holiday decor, so come on in!

Michele talked about the importance of having a festive wreath for the front door. My mom had been telling me for over a year now that we needed one of bigger size, and after comparing quite a few different ones at Michaels, I think I found the one!

My mom made these adorable little stockings out of felt; I remember playing with them when I was little! ;) But wait, no fireplace? No problem! They have a loop of ribbon glued in the upper right corner which makes them super easy to string upon plaid ribbon and tie up.

Who ever said fruit is only for the summer? Michele informed us how the color orange is a great color for the holiday season too. Don't they look so scrumptious mixed in with the rustic pinecones on our pine table? I love the look of plaid on this table too; reminds me of an L.L. Bean ad! Oh, and when you're done using the oranges as decorations, you can just toss them in stockings for a healthy treat!
I love this rug. I love the simplicity of just the red & white, and because I can keep it up past Christmas. I figure if it only has snow in it, then it works as long as there's snow outside! Having some "winter" decorations helps with some of the sadness that I feel when it's time to take down everything Christmas. :(
These fresh nuts were actually Bart's idea for Thanksgiving, but I like how they looked against the plaid too.
Another way to dress up a window. I found these cute snowflake ornaments at Real Deal Antiques here in Logan. They really do have some great deals!
Here's some other snowflake ornaments that I came across at Smiths Marketplace. I love what I can find in there while shopping for my groceries at the same time!
I love wrapping paper and REAL ribbon. Last year I found super cute houndstooth paper at HOBBY LOBBY. I also found this Christmas basket at Michaels. Never can have too many baskets!
Here's our Christmas tree decorated with all of my Santa ornaments. My mom thought of this great idea to have each of her kids pick out a type of ornament to collect, then would have us add to the collection each year. By the time we moved out of the house, we each had enough ornaments for a full tree of our own! I found this pretty pretty velvet tree skirt at Andersen Seed on Center street here in Logan. They are a garden store that turns into a Christmas shop at Christmas time....only in Logan!

Thanks for coming into our home, and.....Merry Christmas!


  1. Looks great! I attended a decorating class at Pottery Barn a few weeks ago with my mom and have had a ball finding new decorations for our home and seeing our home come to life with Christmas cheer. You have inspired me to post pictures of our Christmas decorations too!! My mom was saying the same thing about a bigger wreath for our door, mom's are the best aren't they?

    Sorry the snow made it so you couldn't come down on Saturday. We missed you! Will you be down for the holidays at all?

  2. Your wreath looks very similar to the one I have! Gorgeous decorations!