Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We're in full swing...


Cathy Thorne

While I don't think the above situation would really matter much to our son Grant, I still found it funny. Funny because parents will pull out ALL the stops necessary to encourage their children to use the potty!

We've already gone through a few with Grant but what we had the most success with (today anyway) was the Bare Bottoms method. I had heard about doing potty training this way but thought we'd need to wait until it got warmer out.....then Monday of this week came and suddenly I got the gumption to officially start potty training (thankfully the weather agreed). This is kinda unlike me to just throw something big like this into our already busy mix, but then again potty training is kinda unnatural anyway (in the sense it's the opposite of what the kids are used to doing), so we're doing it.

Not gonna say it's easy cause it's not (had to cancel dentist appts today because I totally lost track of time this morning!). BUT after doing it for one child (click here for Benjamin's story), I'm way clearer on the expectations (for both the child and for myself) and am pretty confident in my techniques of how to push it a bit (I know this is contrary to what everybody says- but I know I know my kids well and his major signs of readiness are there).

About mid-day in our Bare Bottoms day I called my Dad and described to him the scene in our backyard (Benjamin decided to go naked with his bro too, what good moral support he is). He laughed and said "I think I remember seeing a sitcom about that once...." I laughed and then said, "Dad, we are that sitcom!" Yep, non-stop entertainment around here.

Oh, and that little almost 3-yr old of ours? We're so proud of him. Whether this is the time he's ready to go with it or not (in case you couldn't tell, I'm quite determined for it to be), he's doing such a good job. All day today I kept looking at him thinking how much older he looks to me now and it makes me happy to know we're raising this baby of ours into a man hold on, big boy. ;)

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  1. We are in the beginning stages of it with Kenley was well. Frustrating, but fun to see them gain some independence!