Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our Grant

I try not to compare the number of posts I've done about Benjamin versus Grant because I know we were at different points in our lives for each child, like we are now with the arrival of our third child, Elyse. But I do like how I started this blog while pregnant with Benjamin and how it's been such an convenient and fulfilling way for me make note of so many little things, events, experiences, and perspectives that make up our family.

As I was sweeping up a _______ (insert the name of any food) explosion by our two-year old son Grant, I was trying not to get annoyed/upset/tired about his endless messes. Immediately images of his darling baby face entered into my mind along with his wide eyed expressions that he makes when saying the words "BIG!" and "MORE!" For those of you who don't know Grant, the words BIG and MORE couldn't define him any better. He sees the world so BIG and excitedly looks for MORE whenever he can. Like the above Family Circle cartoon, he kinda lives in his own little world right now. A world with no use for things like sleep, a fully balanced diet, or utensils.

Here's a list of some other things I'd like to share about our Grant.....

He loves so hard and gives the BEST hugs. We can already tell he's one of those guys that every body wants to have as a buddy. Most of the time he doesn't cry when he falls (and man oh man has he taken some tumbles!), but sometimes he does cry and wants nothing more than to be held. I still will only let the hairdresser barely trim his head full of curls. His favorite things to eat are "meat meal" (oatmeal), cakes (rice cakes), mac n cheese, odder pops (otter pops), and m&m's. He's quick to mimic and very good at picking up songs even after only hearing them once. If he's upset, you'll know it with his infamous stance of his arms crossed and bottom lip out in a pout. He likes races but is a good sport if he loses (most of the time). He gives big wet kisses and blows kisses so hard he could blow you over! He's close to fearless on his no-pedal Strider bike but has a slight fear right now of balloons. He goes through most days with no naps but when he does nap he's completely cannonballs could be going off and he wouldn't care. He loves to snuggle up with a good book and often likes them to be read twice. He cheers when his daddy comes home and rushes at him full force. He says "Yeeeeaaaah" in a way that makes you want to jump on board with whatever he's doing, and has the cutest style of dancing that is mostly just him swaying back and forth with his elbows up. I really could go on and on, but I'll just end now with ~ Oh how we love our Grant.

 Last bit is something so sweet shared between my husband and I. It happened just after Elyse was born....

Me to my husband: "You know, Grant still has his baby face...his soft, round cheeks...that stoic stare...I know he's not the baby of the family anymore though."

Husband to me: "Grant will always be our baby."

Me to my husband: "So true." Weep. weep.

Okay, enough with my teary eyed self! Dang post-baby hormones and cute kids ~ get me every time. Hope you all enjoy a good week!

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  1. Oh how he sounds like Kenley. Firey, snuggly, and just absolutely funny. That 2 year old world sure is something, isn't it?