Friday, August 23, 2013


  • Emerald green is the color of the year. Yes, I know this year is already halfway over but since I am LOVE with this vibrant and classic pick, better late than never, right?
  • It's only 3:30 in the afternoon but yet I think I've said the word "NO" to my kids at least 100x already. I don't like having to say no so much but here's some quick examples why it's been in order lately....Grant: "Odder pop?" (side note- I have a one Otter Pop per child, per day limit) Me: "NO." Benjamin: "Mom, may I please have a carrot?" Me: "Why?" (p.s. if you know Benjamin, you know why I need to ask why to this seemingly innocent question or any question from him that sounds too good to be true). Him: "So that I can use it a screwdriver to fix my car." Me: "NO."
  • Macadamia Toffee from Cold Stone Creamery = Heaven. Who knew you could get Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolates there? Yum.
  • In total opposite to what I just shared above, or maybe because of what I just shared above? I now eat a handful of raw spinach with every meal. It's my quick and easy (love how it comes pre-washed!) way of eating healthy. Plus, when my oldest heard that it contains a lot of IRON he now eats it too! p.s. that may have something to do with how I confidently answered yes when he asked me if it's what IRON MAN eats.
  • I used to always be a big purse kinda gal, but recently made the decision to downsize (having 3 kids in tow will do that to a mom). It's AMAZING how much lighter I feel and am now really a fan of these kind of side satchels.
  • I will not sit down at the computer (my preferred way to start my day) until breakfast is fully consumed by everyone and the eating area(s) are completely cleaned. Let's just say I came to that decision after KIX cereal turned into mini cannonballs being fired across the room....
  • H&M's online store is sooo awesome. No more waiting in those horrendous lines, plus really nice over the phone staff, and lots of promotions going on all the time. Also, did you know they now have a home line? If you love pillow covers as much as I, you should check out their collection here.
  • My hair stylist recommended the children's store, Peek to me (located across from H&M in Fashion Place Mall). I have yet to visit it in person but really like what I see too can take a "peek" here.
  • Someone once tried to tell me (while pregnant with our third) that it's a fact that having 3 kids is the most stressful. Not 2 kids, 4 kids, or even 200 kids, but specifically 3 kids. After 2 months on the job, I'm here to say: IT'S DOABLE. Yes, I often feel like I am constantly keeping a running tally in my head of who NEEDS what, who's turn it is to WAIT and when it's time to just STOP but like any new job, we're figuring out ways to manage it. Like how we now know to add an extra 30 min. to our getting-ready-for-the-day-schedule, and how golden one-on-one time is with any one of our children, as well as between my husband I. Honest and truly, our house is pretty joyful most of the time and I love no longer having to think about when the best time to have a third child would be (I was once so distraught over this decision that I googled it! Turns out there is no perfect time, or perfect spacing between kids, or total number of kids. :)).
  • Found this recent TIME article about The Childfree Life but was most impressed by this response to it by Maegan Francis (creator of The Happiest Home blog).
  • And last but not least....I know I typically keep this blog pretty lighthearted and fun but I also very often think about important topics. Topics such as women's rights which I was fascinated to learn more about from the documentary Miss Representation (found on Netflix). This film discusses the various ways women are so often negatively portrayed and objectified in the media and how misrepresented we are in society, the workforce, and on a national level. You can learn more about the documentary and the educational campaign here. Watching it was both eye-opening and inspiring to me, reminding me of how thankful I am to have parents who always emphasized the importance of SMART over PRETTY, as well as the commitment I made to myself to complete college and earn a masters degree. I still highly value education and the challenges it presented that motivated me to try harder, learn more, and grow stronger and apply those values every day as I now raise our children. I highly, highly recommend this film to everyone!

That's it for me this week. May this upcoming new school year bring you and your families an abundance of new and exciting DISCOVERIES!


  1. I love the side satchels too! So much easier with the kids!

  2. I too, was a big purse girl, and can't get enough of crossbodies! That one you linked to in red? DROOLING! I too, have googled about a third baby, but it doesn't say what to do if your husband works insane hours ;)