Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pokemon Extravaganza

Toot the horns and beat the drums....our Mister Grant is now 5! Like we've always said, Grant will always be our baby (don't tell him that! ;)) with his cherub face and sweet demeanor (often disguised with goofy shenanigans) he also knows how to be the real life of the party! Speaking of party, here's all the details from his 5th B-day....

Picking the Pokemon theme for this dude was a no brainer. Ever since last summer when the neighbor boys introduced our sons to the world of Pokemon trading cards, Grant's been just a wee bit obsessed. After doing some research on it, I learned that Pokemon comes from Japan and means Pocket Monsters, makes sense- Pok (pocket) Mon (monsters)!

We were able to host the party in the dance room at our local gym which we all enjoyed because it was very spacious and provided a fun atmosphere with Grant's Party Dance Mix of songs and fun party games such as Catch Charizard, Who's Got The Pokeball (played just like the game Who's Got The Button), and also made Pokemon ear hats! We had such a great turn out with all of our family and friends...thank you everyone for coming and helping!

Party City (online) and Watkins party store (local) are where I found all the decorations and treats for the goody bags. Lee's Grocery did the cake and meat and cheese tray. We decided on a meat and cheese tray since Grant doesn't like pizza but it turned out to be a super easy food solution....we just bought a pack of rolls and everyone was able to make their own sandwiches and enjoy some snacks, ice cream, and cake!

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