Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Latest Loves of Winter

Guys! I've been wanting to share some wonderful loves of mine for what feels like forever! I knew I wouldn't be around much in December...(I consider that time our quiet crazy winter wonderland) but after we got back into the swing of things come January, I STILL felt like I could not keep up with it all! :O  Any spare moment I had to myself was usually spent trying to check out with a tv show/movie or sleeping. I didn't know motherhood was going to keep on staying sooooo involved and busy!

Speaking of this motherhood thing, do any of you want to scream when you get comments like "Oh, you poor lady!" (said in a sympathetic tone) or "You must stay busy!" (said in a sarcastic tone) or "You sure do have your hands full!" (said in a bewildered tone) when out and about with your children?  I get them ALL THE TIME and the more I think about it, have been for awhile....I think I expected them when I had my 2 toddler boys and a newborn (I too was thinking- God bless us!) but now mine are 6 1/2 yrs, (almost) 5 yrs, and 2 1/2 yrs- practically all self-sufficient, right?. I've been through a whole list of embarrassing/exhausting/disgusting/terrifying kid moments with them in public and have come through most of it with a smile all while keeping us healthy and looking cute (most days). Since I've so proudly made it through these parenting trenches of the younger years, I'd like to make one small request: If you HAVE to say something to me, the mom-on-the-go-with-kids-in-tow, let it be a polite offer of help (I will never turn down someone holding the door open for us or someone letting us go in front of them in a long line at the store or public bathroom) or genuine praise (a nice smile or thumbs up to one of my children goes a long way) because trust me- I got this, mmmmkay?!!!

Now for my latest finds....first up is the new Netflix tv show, Fuller House. Yes, it is a continuation from that show you watched all throughout your childhood if you were born anytime between the 70's and 80's. I watched the first episode the other night and just about died! It's so right on with everything I remember about it, but still funny (in the cheesy live audience kindof way), sentimental, and cute. Score!

Next is this video. I've watched it at least a dozen times and my kids find it hilarious too. This guy is already one awesome Dad and his baby is pretty cute too. ;)

This amazing face cream ~ St. Ives Timeless Skin Facial Moisturizer. I heard about it on a beauty blog and now I'm hooked. Price is awesome ($5 on amazon!) and it really, really, works in creating softer and supple skin! Hard to find in stores (I could not find it at Target, Walgreens, or grocery stores), so you may want to buy online. Wrinkles no more!

Denise Austin work-out videos via streaming on amazon. Do you remember good old Denise from the early 90's? If not, maybe this famous line of hers will refresh your memory..."No more shoulder pads, we'll make our own! She's happy, straight to the point, and not too intense so no more of my I don't ever have the time and working-out-hurts excuses! In addition to my weekly runs, I've made a commitment to do one video of hers a week- 2 if I'm really on top of things and it has actually been happening since I can do her videos straight from our living room! My faves are: Denise Austin Hit The Spot 5 10-minute Target Toners, Denise Austin: Burn Fat Fast Cardio Blast, and Denise Austin: Shrink Belly Fat. All involve some weights and as I've been hearing from those in the work-out world, weights are the key to weight loss effectiveness while building muscle tone! If you need one more boost to really movin'- check out Old Navy's work out clothes...they're really awesome and so well priced!

DOT by Marc Jacobs is my new favorite fragrance. I would've never picked it up had I seen how ugly the bottle is but I found a smaller travel size (my new favorite way to try finding my new scent!) at ULTA and I love, love, love it! Fresh but not too floarly = perfect in my book!

Organic 3 Cheese Pizza by Simple Truth. I don't know my deal is with pizza, but if it's not perfect- then I don't like it. I typically don't like any fast food chain of pizza except Papa Murphy's but even there I only like their veggie kind. Finally my cheese pizza craving has been fulfilled with this Smiths grocery store frozen kind! Weird I know, but the sauce is the perfect amount savory and tangy, the cheeses hit all the right notes, and the crust is not too thick and not too thin....definitely worth the try!

K, that's it! Sorry no pictures for each featured item, but at least I got the links in! I still am planning to post our updated family room and our children's room pics but we need to do some updates to our computer (our memory is full!) so probably sometime this spring. Until then, kudos for surviving winter and welcome spring!

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  1. I totally hear you on the kids thing. I worked a LOT this week at the school and it was SO hard to keep all the plates spinning. NO IDEA we would always BE THIS BUSY! :) I LOVE Fuller House and I can't wait to finish Season one!