Monday, April 17, 2017

Maria Shriver

For the past year or so I've been subscribed to Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper. It just comes out once a week (which is all the time I have to read something!) but every time I read it I find something informative, uplifting, and though provoking. Here's an article from last Sunday April 16th....

Here are 20 profound truths that I thought were worth sharing:
1) We are all united in our brokenness and in our suffering. What is broken in you makes you human, not bad. Acknowledge it.
2) Revelations happen from the inside out, not the outside in. Allow for them.
3) We think we need to know someone before we can love them, but divine thinking is to love before you know. Love unconditionally.
4) One of the biggest challenges we face today is loss of meaning. Find meaning wherever you can.
5) Religion has become too centered on sins. We were taught that our sins separate us from God, but that’s not true.
6) If you always have to convince your parents to love you, then you never trust that they do. Note to parents: focus on the love your child is seeking. 
7) There are moments in all of our lives when we are blind, then we see. Open your mind to other ways of thinking and seeing. That will get you out of the dualistic frame of mind of good vs. bad or right vs. wrong. Open your mind to a third way. It’s more creative and playful. 

8) The contemplative mind approaches things in their completeness. Be contemplative in action. They actually go together.
9) Most thinking is simply the result of an obsessive mind. Find ways to turn yours off.
10) You have to pull the rug out from under yourself. Only then can you live in the flow. In choosing to accept the unknowing that life presents, you’ll be able to accept the flow.
11) Wholeness is when the way of your being matches the truth of your being. And the truth is, you are a very good creation. Note to self: accept this truth as it is.
12) The opposite of more... is enough. Remember that.
13) In order for your "yes" to matter, your "no" has to matter, too.
14) Everything comes down to your capacity for presence. Your mind dwells in the past and the future. Work with it to focus on the present. 
15) Most of us carry shame in our bodies, so we punish them. Integrating your mind and body helps you be present. 
16) See yourself as doing God’s work. My takeaway: if you see yourself this way, see others as doing it, too.

17) We often hold onto other people's stories of ourselves. Know your own story and tell it.
18) Electricity can only operate in a circuit. There has to be a giver and a receiver. Remember that.
19) You will know what you need to know when you need to know it.
20) Your experiences are yours and yours alone. My takeaway: rise to your own calling. Each and every one of us has a calling, a mission, and a purpose. Our challenge on this day and all days is to rise to that calling.

Good stuff, right? She also posts frequently on her Instagram account....enjoy!

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  1. Really "good stuff" and thanks for posting! I always read what you have already taken the time to consider and give as it is "Kate approved" and I will learn a new way to look at an old topic. Appreciate your perspective and how you give the love your children seek.