Friday, June 9, 2017

Minecraft Mayhem

This year our 6-year old son requested a Minecraft themed b-day party. After finding some great Minecraft party ideas here and here, I was ready to get going on the inexpensive homemade decorations! To start, I bought some square shaped green paper plates, cut out various sizes of black squares and rectangles from construction paper, attached them to green garden stakes, and viola, we had some very menacing looking creepers to display around our backyard.

Watch out for the CREEPERS!

Found this pre-made banner at our local Watkins Printing shop, thank goodness my parents were there to help lace it on the string and hang up!

As shown in one of the previously listed blogs, wrapped cardboard boxes can be used as blocks for Minecraft structures to be built. I bought 2 stone printed tablecloths to wrap the boxes with, in addition to a roll of gray wrapping paper and roll of brown wrapping paper. This game was used as an ice breaker as we waited for everyone to arrive. The instructions given was to build a structure as a team but they MUST use all the blocks! Once they succeeded, these punching balloons were used to help destroy the structure.

Here's another creeper I easily made out of a white paper plate, black construction paper, and white tissue paper

 Neon green labels from Amazon were easy water bottle covers

Found these rubber topped axe pencils from and came up with the idea to have a ice cream bar where kids were served vanilla ice cream and the following toppings listed on the sign above. The axes were used to crush the black coal oreos which were contained in a plastic baggie. This part of the party was a big hit! They also made their own creeper bags out of green paper sacks and black construction paper to contain candy caught in the pinata. This pinata was a great alternative to the kind you have to hit with a bat.

 Found these cute party boxes at Watkins Printing shop and Grant found mini slinkies from the dollar store to go inside!

We played a game where these various Minecraft animals (found online, cut, and backed in colored paper) were hidden all around the yard and everyone had to find them and try to trade them for what a villager was holding in a box....the box contained 2 fake diamonds and Hershey gold bars of chocolate.

The mayhem part of the party took place when I placed the TNT image under the cardboard boxes to play a game similar to musical chairs. Well, every time the music stopped and the kids sat down on a box, they instantly collapsed and then were quickly destroyed by the kids! :O I know that's expected from a bunch of young boys, but that whole scene erupted faster than I could blink! I think everyone had a good time and I'm thankful the weather was nice for us to host another fun party in our backyard. Happy 6th b-day Mister G!

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