Monday, July 29, 2013

Little Snippets

Time to write a bit today ~ but no unifying topic so here's just some little snippets of things I consider worth sharing...

  • Thrilled to hear about the arrival of Prince George. First off, I love the name George. I find it classic, regal, preppy, and friendly. Secondly I was really happy to see photos of the proud mama looking so beautiful and healthy. Having just had a baby myself, I wanted to say THANK YOU! just like that in all caps with an explanation point. For those of you unfamiliar, you can click here for a photo of her days after birth as well as an article discussing 'normal' post-baby bods. Also heard that she and William waited for the baby's gender to be a surprise at birth and that she had an all-natural delivery...sound familiar? Guess you could say us Kate's sure do think alike! ;)
  • Remember that trick you used to do as a kid when you tried to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time? Well that's the best way I can describe what having 3 kids is like. Last night the boys were being impossible to get to bed without me (usually Bart takes care of bedtime for them) so I hopped in our king size bed with Elyse in my arms thinking we could all just relax together. Moments later I found myself feeding Elyse, holding Grant, and rubbing Benjamin's back....ALL AT THE SAME TIME.
  • Last week Benjamin had a singing performance (we signed him up with a little singing group this summer that it is just about the cutest thing ever) that we were running late for. I of course wanted him to look extra spiffy, so I pulled out a pair of his loafers....a pair of loafers that were cute, but past their prime from Payless Shoe Store (we all go there occasionally for kids shoes right?) Well, these were so worn out on the bottom that when my son came running down the stairs to go out the door and into his car seat (which he can do all by himself thankyouverymuch), he slipped on our hard wood floors and hit his chin on the door. Ouch! I was mad. Mad at those dang cheap-o shoes. I know, it coulda happened regardless what he was wearing but with the amount of running, jumping, skipping, and walking kids do I really like them to have nice shoes (am I only one who finds these hard to come by?). And since we have 2 boys means that shoes are now getting double the wear, and I find loafers to be sooooo adorable on little boys....and...and...and...that's it. That's all the explaining I can do to explain this incredible splurge that I just did on (my weak spot), which I now just noticed is posting a bad review on them. Ugh. I'll be sure to keep you posted with how they turn out....if badly, good thing for their free returns.**********UPDATE: They just arrived today and are PERFECT! The blue is actually quite a bit lighter than a faded grayish blue (which I love), fit perfect (the width is adjustable due to the velcro straps), and have a very durable and MOVEABLE sole. We Love.Love.LOVE!********* 
  • So thought I had it all together a couple weeks ago when the 3 kiddos and I went out on our first outing SOLO to a local story time. Grant willingly got in the stroller, Benjamin stayed right my side during the long walk from the car to the library entrance, and Elyse was her content little self (as usual) and we were only a few minutes late (which I basically consider on time for us now). Then Elyse needed to eat. No problem I thought, boys are engaged and I brought my nursing cover so I'll just....oops. It was just then that I noticed I was wearing a dress. A dress with only about a 4" opening from the collar. This is problematic for a nursing mom who still desires some decency (in public anyway). Let's just say we managed the best we could. :O 
  • Hitting a funk with what to do for meals around here...then I discovered this site and all is well again! Highly recommend this dish ~ very creamy and tasty, and sweet almost like Vodka sauce- definite new fave around here. ;)

Love this quote that I recently came across in my church newsletter ~ 

"Our hearts are restless, Lord, until they rest in You."          - Saint Augustine 

Simply said but it's brought much peace to my days, thoughts, and worries and thought some of you may enjoy it too. Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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  1. Oh, I can relate to the shoe story. I bought cheapies for Brayden and there was always an issue with them! K does best in TOMS and honestly, they aren't THAT much more expensive than tennies! I remember those nursing days (with just one rambunctious toddler) and having to consciously remember to wear something more accessible. Sounds like life with 3 is going well!