Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Latest Loves of Summer

Can you believe it's already the END of July?! This summer has definitely been flying by fast for us with trips to the pool and splash pads, running through sprinklers, wading at the beach (aka riverwalk), picnics at the park, and lounging in the shade with our new lil' babe. Here's a list of my summer favorites that have been accompanying us so far during this season of FUN!....

I am officially obsessed with these fruit bars. Just like the above ad states, they're ALL KINDS OF so so good, you may just find yourself buying a box of every.single.kind. Good thing I discovered them while pregnant else I would've had some explaining to do at the check-out counter (I decided preg-o women can get away with a lot at the grocery store) and with my husband. He and I joke that we should invest in some of their stock, so that our wallets can become as packed as our freezer. ;) Just take my word for it and RUN not walk to your closest frozen food aisle. You'll be in frozen fruit heaven.


(not to be confused with its competitor, Super Brella)
We LOVE our umbrella/tent. It's super easy to set up, put away, and carry- all requirements for our family on-the-go. I don't know about you but I'm finding that the older I get, the more I'm into shade and if I can't find some, I'll make some dangit! Gotta love that it has SPF 125 that's talkin' my motherly protective language!

Product Details
In need of tunes on-the-go but don't have the arm room to tote around your old boom box? Well, you should check out this handy dandy creation. We're usually on the latecomer side when it comes to high tech stuff, but this little guy caught our attention while at the apple store trying to see about repairing my iPod. Turns out apple doesn't repair iPods but simply by uploading songs to my phone (I have a Samsung MyTouch) and connecting it wirelessly to this Beacon device and whaaala, you've got yourself a nice little portable speaker system. Worked great for us last month while at the hospital for our baby's birth!

Modal Jersey Knit Sheet Set at
I dare say this may be my FIND OF THE YEAR and so perfect for this HOT TIME OF YEAR. 

Let me back up with a short story about how I had been on the hunt to find a pair of soft sheets for my son's twin bed (told you it was a short story). We liked our plain white set from IKEA but needed another set for back up. I had scoured all the local big box stores here but found them all to be too itchy or not available in twin size. I then tried all the cute online kid sites like Land Of Nod, Pottery Barn Kids, and The Company Store. Their sets were all too much $, even on sale. But the more I thought about it, it wasn't a cute print that we were in need of (no one sees them anyway!), but something lightweight (my son is a little furnace) and soft (because who doesn't want to sleep on something soft?). SO, after visiting The Company Store and reading all the rave reviews about their Jersey Knit sheets, I pinpointed by search to that on the internet and surprisingly was taken to where I scored on the above set for only $34.97. While the colors that they come in are nothing exciting, the quality is excellent and EXACTLY what I was looking for in the comfort department. Plus, I learned that Modal is fancy dancy term for recycled cotton- did you know that? Always trying to be green (no pun intended) whenever we can. ;)

Storybook Initial Art Prints
sample print 
And last but not least, I had to order some kind of special artwork for our Elyse (remember this print that I ordered for my boys?) and couldn't be happier with this storybook initial print that I had custom made for our daughter by the designer, Jennifer Wick. I came across her art on and while it was expensive, I consider it well worth it since to me this is something that she can grow with. I found the perfect white 11x11 frame for it from which was waaaay cheaper than what it would've cost to order it framed, and it turned out absolutely perfect.

That's it from me today ~ hope all you Utahns are enjoying a fun 24th!

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  1. Love that personalized art! SO cute! And good find on the sheets!