Monday, May 2, 2011

My Two Sons

Today is my first day alone as a mother of two and whatdya know, here I am with time to do a blog post! I won't go as far as to say that every day will go as good as this one (it is only 12:30 afterall), but I'm feeling really good about my new role over two little two sons. As I posted about before, the above image is from a company I love...sarah + abraham. I ordered this customized print for our 4th Trimester nursery and it arrived last Sat.....picture perfect!

As I've been receiving cute-as-can-be little boysie outfits, washing Benjamin's former clothes, shopping for new baby stuff, I've been thinking a lot about doing it all B-O-Y again and how it's still so much fun. Here's what I love about boys: tousled hair, anything plaid or argyle, fisherman sandals, stripes, mister rogers style cardigans, and sweater vests. I know I could've easily gone giddy over puckered sleeves, hair bows, mary jane socks and shoes, frilly dresses, and anything gingham and floral, but like I said, I'm still really liking boy right now.

Since we allowed both children's gender to be a surprise at birth, we were asked a lot if we had any feelings as to whether each was a boy or girl. With Benjamin I had a very strong feeling he was a boy (actually had a boy doll as my first doll growing up!), but with this one I didn't know or even think I knew. I had lots of dreams about a him and then, a her, and heard things about it being a boy since carried this one low (as I did with Benjamin), but with Grant I had nausea and a picky stomach (didn't with Benjamin), which I'd heard was more of a common symptom when pregnant with a girl. In looking at our family history, both Bart and I have a lot of boys in our heritage....Bart is one of two boys, his Dad is one of four boys, my Dad is one of three boys, my mom has 5 brothers, and Bart's mom has 2 brothers. Not sure if that plays into determining the likelihood of future genders, so in the end I guess everybody's guess really was just that...a guess! Regardless, we are so grateful and relieved to have a healthy child and thrilled to have his special self become a part of our family...9 pounds and all! We joked that he had the extra pound so that he could have a one-up on his older brother. All throughout my pregnancy with Grant, Benjamin would give my belly blow-fish kisses and in bouts of rough housing, kicked little Grant in there a few times. We think Grant knew he'd have somebody to reckon with and therefore came out nice and ready for his big bro. Funny thing is that Bart and I aren't big stature people, and I'm a vegetarian which according to my doc., don't typically gain as much weight during pregnancy. That didn't matter with Benjamin at 8 lbs. and this one at 9 lbs.....does this mean my next will be 10 lbs???? Could be as it has just been shared that my Dad was a 10 pounder. At least we now know not to worry about the term LGA (large for gestational age) because to us it just means nice and healthy and content as can be. Have I mentioned how well our baby Grant sleeps and eats? Like I said before, boy oh boy are we lucky!

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Mothers Day this weekend. We plan to spend it outdoors perhaps at the local farmers market (opening weekend here in Logan!) or a park. I really can't think of anything better than a day with the boys. I've been wondering if having all these boys in our house is already having an affect on me...I've always been into sports, but lately I've become a sports junkie even watching snipits of the NFL draft, which is funny considering I don't even like football! Oh yeah, Bart's been having a hay day with that one. :) K, well I better go now before I have to take back my words on this being an easy good day! 


  1. I love that print- so cute! And I am so glad that everything is going well for you! :) Those two boys will be quite the pair, I am sure!

  2. Can't wait to meet Grant! Have a Happy Mother's Day weekend!