Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Okay, so the Jazz didn't make it very long in the Playoffs this year, but I'm still proud. Yes, they were completely swept, but towards the end of that last game they had a really great 8-0 run that to me said "Don't you forget about us yet!" It also made the Spurs all-star players get back off the bench and play it out to the last second. I love that. And I love that they're only going to get better. What an impressive success story with such young guys....I'm already excited for next year! What does this have to do with this blog post title "Upgrades!" you ask? Nothing. I just wanted to share my post-season Jazz thoughts with all of you.

Now back to my important announcements: After 2 years of wanting, and 2 months of actual shopping, we finally purchased our first "cool" camera!!!! You know it's cool because Nigel Barker (see this very helpful video above on How to Best Capture Photos of Babies and Toddlers) endorses it. ;) That, and "It's all the performance of a DSLR in about half the size and weight." EXACTLY what we were in need of. Plus, with it came 4 free photography sessions for my husband and I to attend together so that we can actually learn how to use it. Awesome camera + dates with each other = picture perfect! After I take those classes I'll be sure to do more posts to show off share the coolness of this Sony NEX- 5N camera. To quote Benjamin "It's really very cool."

Knock, knock...
Who's there?

Coming soon to replace Westates Theaters in Cache Valley! Oh, how I'll miss those uncomfortable seats, only slightly inclined rows, and outdated decor. Ha ha.

And last but not least,
is coming to the Cache Valley mall this summer!


  1. Hi Kate!

    I have the Sony NEX 5N and love it!

  2. That playoff series was a tragedy; but, as I was telling Katie, it doesn't have to remain a tragedy. If the players, coaches, and ownership learn from the Spurs what it takes to be a top-flight team, then this could actually be a constructive, productive experience.

    Clearly, they've got a lot to figure out still to take the next step, but they've mostly made good moves so far, and it will be fun to follow the team this off-season to see how they respond to such a humbling playoff sweep. Hopefully that humiliation will be transformed into motivation and determination.

  3. Oh I love Paradise! I had no idea they were coming to town - yay!!!

  4. SO jealous of that camera- I was thisclose to having Brandon convinced to get it, but I have so much invested in other lenses that I am sticking with my BIG camera for awhile!