Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tale of Two Boysies

Before becoming a mother of two, I had heard from parents in amazement over the differences in each of their children. It is quite interesting don't you think to have two of the same parents raising their children in the same home, but resulting in totally different people?  Different looks, different personality, different preferences, you name it! As I continue to watch our two boys develop, it truly fascinates me. If this topic is also of interest to you, here's an article from NPR entitled: Siblings Share Genes But Rarely Personalities. While I don't plan to constantly compare one to the other, I did make up a quick list of just how different (for now anyway) our 2 1/2 yr. old Benjamin (B) and 1 yr. old Grant (G) are....

B: Straight hair
G: Curly

B: Outie belly button
G: Innie belly button

B: Did not like being swaddled as a baby
G: Loved being swaddled as a baby

B: Likes to have little snacks all day
G: Likes to have large meals at set times

B: Two dimples (one on each cheek)
G: None

B: Would always fall asleep on walks in the stroller
G: Rarely falls asleep in the stroller (we can him the neighborhood/park watch man because he's always taking note of everything going on!)

B: Night owl
G: Early bird

B: Did not like park swings as a baby
G: Loves park swings!

They also share lots in common too....both have beautiful big blue eyes, nice heads of hair, athletic, super smart, love music, dancing, singing and to cuddle (which we too love!), and both are very charming and sweet. I love all of their differences and make sure (even at their young ages) to let them know how their individualities are what make them each so special!

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  1. Yes, yes, but which one is the BEST? The next time I'm in town I will organize an Olympic-style decathlon to figure it out.

    Just kidding, variety is the spice of life. :)