Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm There.

Not sure who to give this photo credit to (i think it's just a random online stock photo, but if I'm wrong, please feel free to leave a comment!). Oh, and while trying to look it up I coincidentally came across short this natural birth story which made me smile. ;)

In that last part of pregnancy. The part where I feel ever-so-ready but still strongly rooted in my beliefs to wait until the baby's ready. But- like I told my husband this morning as I pushed and rolled my pregnant self out of bed ~ I can't sulk or give pity on myself even if I try because our boys are just too happy and too cute! Mornings with them lately have been my fave. After they wake up and make their way into our room, we all pile in our king sized bed and snack on animal crackers and pretzel sticks while watching Curious George. Eventually we make it downstairs and have a REAL breakfast, but I just love starting my day with warm snuggles and often catch myself staring at them with their fresh sleepy-eyed faces and crazy bed hair. ;)

As I approach week 36, I pretty much have everything checked off our Baby To Do List. With every pregnancy I've found that I get kinda antsy right around month 5 and 6. That's why it shouldn't come to anyone's surprise when I share that my hospital bags are already packed, the baby's clothes (up to size 9 months), burp cloths, blankets, sleep sacks, and sheets are all pre-washed (confession: I'm hooked on the smell of Dreft!), folded, and ready to go, as well as all of those other newborn necessities.

Last Saturday I also purchased a new mattress for the baby and I. Since our crib is currently being used by Grant as a toddler bed, and I'm a big time fan of co-sleeping, sleeping arrangements for the baby and I are set to take place in a full size bed in Grant's former room (pics to come). Right now we just have two rooms in our house designated for sleeping and with 4 of us and our random nightly needs, it should come in very handy to have an extra bed around. 

As positive and productive as most of this sounds, I have been lacking in the category of making any actual meals around here....I really think it's been months! :O Even Benjamin told me the other day that Daddy is a much better cooker than I am. Later on that week he also told me that I needed to take a shower. Gotta love how brutally honest kids can be!

Below are some funny things that demonstrate just how forgetful I've been lately. I've heard about the term "pregnancy brain" but I'm pretty sure a lot of these little mishaps are due to my double role of also caring for two toddlers.
  • Went looking everywhere outside for my sons' fireman hat. I knew he had it on when we went out, so once it wasn't inside anywhere I realized that we forgot to bring it in. But when I went back outside for it, it wasn't there. A neighbor kid told me another neighbor kid was wearing it, so off I went on a wild goose chase trying to find out where it ended up. By the third house I decided to give up...after all the hat only cost about $5 bucks. Then about an hour later, we got a knock on the was the mom of one of the kids who homes I had visited. She knew I was looking for it so when she noticed it sitting right there on OUR FRONT PORCH, she thought she would let me know. 
  • I remember putting all my kids sand toys back in their carrier and carrying them somewhere but days later I  couldn't find them anywhere! Thankfully my friend let me know they were still at her house....
  • Went to the park and when I slid open the van doors our soccer ball (btw- a nice one) bounced out. I remember tossing it back in, but it must not have stayed in because now it is MIA. I'm kinda a labeling freak so who knows, maybe it too will randomly end up being returned on our doorstep!
  • And this one takes the cake.....since my kids DO NOT LIKE carwashes (they are pretty fearless but for some reason these make them both scream in terror), I ran to do a drive-through car wash real quick on my way home from a solo errand (rare occasion). I remember double checking all the windows and taking quick glances at the moonroofs, but I apparently mistakened the one in the back to be closed when really it was still slightly titled open. You can just imagine the look on my face when I started to hear the water pour in!!! :O Crazy, crazy. Thankfully it all cleaned up just fine and even I must admit, it was kinda funny.


  1. HI Kate,
    Thanks for the link to my blog, Momza's House, where the dandelion pic came're right, it's a stock photo. I used it to share the birth story of one of my doula client's experience. What a great imagery, hunh? I hope your last weeks of pregnancy go by quickly and the people that love you take great care of you! Stay hydrated!!!

  2. Hi Momza!

    Thank you for your comment and for sharing natural birth stories on your blog. I've been fortunate enough to have experienced 2 incredibly empowering, all-natural births and am looking forward to doing it all again soon....I may use that dandelion imagery too! ;) Kudos to you for serving women as a doula ~ I too find the field quite worthwhile and inspiring.

    - Kate

  3. I can't believe you are in the final stretches! We are so excited to hear when baby makes his or her appearance! And that is TOO funny about the fireman hat. That would SO happen to me.