Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little birdie told me....

some great ideas for party favors, place settings, centerpieces, and games that would be perfect for any springtime event (p.s. eggs shown above are edible Robins egg candy!).
Elements restaurant is a fantastic place to host a private party.
Beautiful flower arrangements of lilies, snapdragons, and tulips really help bring on the feeling of spring!

IKEA jewelry tree also works fabulously well as a make-a-wish-for-the-baby tree filled with cards of wishful birds taking perch.

Close-up of scalloped bird cards handmade by an etsy artist.
Other etsy cards used in the place settings with a handwritten get-to-know-you question on the back.
Frosted bird votives can also work perfectly as pen holders for guests to use to play any games requiring writing (p.s. votives found at Michaels craft store along with frosted bird vases, nests, and nest filling). 

 Hope these springtime table setting and decor ideas serve you well during this season of entertaining and celebrating! 

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