Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Early Arrival

of our new furniture, not our new baby!

Here's some pics of our newly re-arranged, re-organized, and re-decorated living/family/play room...

This loveseat (shown above) is over 8 years old, but has still held up well over the years (especially for being made out of twill fabric). I bought it while living in Chicago at a random store (just ask my mom, this place was in the middle of nowhere!), but feel its traditional style and neutral olive green make it worth keeping, even if it's no longer our most comfortable place to sit. To blend this older piece with our newer pieces, I've placed our new tapestry sofa pillows on it since the color of our new pieces are in warmer tones. I've also ordered these espresso chenille pillow covers (I kinda have an obsession with toss pillows) from Pottery Barn to cover a couple of the above photoed green pillows for our sofa. I like their subtle texture and diagonal pattern, and think they'll bring out the dark brown in the cherry legs. 

Overall we're extremely happy with how our Broyhill customized pieces turned out (click here for more details)...even if I had to wait, and wait, and wait for them to arrive and cross our fingers that the fabric/trim details that we choose looked good on the finished pieces (a swatch of fabric can look much different than a whole sofa upholstered in that fabric). 

Since we spent so much time searching for pieces that would provide us with durability, comfort, and style in our price range, we can now say that both the search and wait was well worth it!

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