Sunday, February 6, 2011

Big Day!

Today was a big day in our household. Today was the day we purchased new living room furniture! We've been thankful for the mix of furniture either given or sold to us by family, or bought during our single days, but as our family continues to grow, we decided we'd really like to indulge in some new, durable, and comfortable pieces.

Originally my husband was set on leather which I've never been a big fan of. It always seems so cold, and I can't help but think of the animal that died to make it. :( But, every one that I know with kids has told me that's the way to go for cleaning purposes. So, I was willing to go with it if it meant having long lasting furniture and clean look. Two weeks and 7 furniture stores later (Benjamin actually fell asleep on one of the display pieces today!) we FINALLY made our purchase of an extra comfy, traditional style couch, chair, and ottoman in leather high grade chenille/tweed fabric.

The reasons we didn't go for the leather that we thought we wanted is because our son likes to scratch (we have a tufted leather storage bench in our bedroom to prove it!) and although very cleanable, we learned that any REAL leather isn't scratch-proof. We were of course offered numerous repair kits to fix any mishaps, but we decided that type of upkeep just isn't fit for our lifestyle right now and we don't want to cry when something happens to our furniture because we know it inevitably will with young children.

So, below are pics of the style and frame of furniture that we chose. 

We found them locally at a local mom & pop shop called U & I Furniture. They're ultra comfortable, very durable, and will even be stain-guarded! I didn't think I wanted to spend all of the extra time and wait for a customized set, but after we learned that ordering a set in the standard stock fabric would only cost slightly more and take just as long, we decided to pick out the furniture fabric, leg wood stain, and pillow fabric ourselves! Once it gets here I'll be sure to post pics, but until then I'll describe it as best I can....we went with a golden honey type stripe in a high durability chenille fabric with dark cherry legs, and paisley tapestry pillows (w/ greens, browns, reds, gold).

We're very happy with the friendly and knowledgeable customer service, fair pricing, and free delivery offered to us by U & I. My only complaint is the 6-8 week wait...but at least they'll arrive before our baby does!


  1. Love it! Looks very comfortable and durable!

  2. Congrats! It looks great. To tell you the truth, I don't think there is really a wrong unless you buy one that you don't like. It looks soft. I hope to sit on it one day.