Friday, June 12, 2015


After processing the cost of new carpet ($$$!!!) in our basement, I decided to dig deep in my designer file cabinet (which is actually my brain) to try and come up with a better solution. A solution that would be more budget friendly while still providing us with all the look and comfort of beautiful carpet (don't act like you don't sometimes stop at Home Depot or Lowes and pet the carpet's okay, that's what they're there for). Sooooooo, we're thinking of possibly installing FLOR carpet tiles ourselves in our basement. A place that we like to hang out and watch tv in, play ping pong in, and learn in. They so far seem to fit the bill with what we're looking for....playful, cool, and perhaps best of all, easy to fix simply by replacing a square if when they get damaged. You can also order them as a rug!  I'll be sure to keep y'all posted on what we decide.

I recently began incorporating fish back into my diet (just 1-2x per week). It's been 15 years since I've had fish (aside from a daily fish oil supplement) but so far so good, make that really good. The need for this came on once I started working out's like my body was officially telling me: EAT SOMETHING OTHER CARBS! And I listened. Favorite fish product right now are these Wild Alaskan Salmon patties from Sams Club which I like to cut up and put over a mixed green salad with Zesty Italian dressing....yum. yum. I still have no interest in any red meat, chicken, or turkey and still consider myself a vegetarian. A vegetarian who is doing what I can to stay healthy and take less from animals (this includes avoiding products that unethically treat animals) and our earth's resources. I'm glad this awareness is present in our children too.

Bought our sons some Nerf guns. My husband and I (okay, me) have been on the fence about them for some time, but after a long while (like a year) of them repeatedly asking, school getting out across our neighborhood, and the two of them looking older lately (okay, I just threw in that last one) we gave in and so far they've been listening and behaving well with them, but I would like my "I told you so" to be on the record if someone gets hurt! :O

Hearing the word literally so frequently lately has been driving me a bit nutty....reading this article let me know that I'm not alone. Since when did someone decide that it's possible for definitions of words to change?

LOVE this clip (you really should watch's hilarious!!!) that my friend Sam shared from comedian Michael McIntyre about the changes that occur once one becomes a parent. My husband and I both were quoting lines of it at dinner the other night....while sighing and saying "So, so true, so, so true."

That's it. Hope you all have a fun weekend. We're going to do some Farmer Marketing and I've got plans to catch a movie + frozen yogurt with my girlfriends. Gotta love those relax and do whatever kind of summer weekends!

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