Wednesday, May 27, 2015

To try...

Kids first time BOWLING!
Taking on a better perspective around here and giving myself big boosts of "YOU CAN DO THIS!" attitude because even with the monsoon of rain we've been having and less of a schedule for my kids, I'm choosing to enjoy our days- whatever they're filled with! This blog has given me a lot of good mothering and yougogirl! things to think about too.

These fun ideas for Kid Science Activities (we tried the Marshmellow Launcher one, it was easy and, my boys flip for anything that includes the word "Launch." The kits are amazing too-soooo worth the $!)

This book (haven't read it yet, just heard it was a goodie)

This fake tanner (sworn by fave by Carrie Underwood)

English muffins over bagels (again says Carrie Underwood)

Planting my first flowers. In the ground. As bulbs. This is big for me folks! End of March I picked up a bag of Dahlias from Sams Club and planted them about a month exciting to see them already popping up!

Saving $. I'm so not good at this but have a goal. After having some water leak into our basement (we've since found a solution of attaching on a extender to our back drain pipe), we NEED new carpet in our family room and I know Home Depot always runs a free install special around Thanksgiving/Early Dec. So, we are saving for that now. As much fun as it is to buy all the other decorating home stuff I heard this rule...."Work from the bottom up" and that we shall do. Maybe by 2017 we'll actually have a sectional down there too. No joke. Until then, my little olive green love seat from my single days and some bean bags for the kids will have to do!

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend. Bart took an extra day off and it was soooo nice to have so much quality family time for 4 whole days!!! Looking forward to more of that feeling this summer.


  1. We love bowling at our house. Us girls have our own ball, shoes, and of course cute bowling bags! :-)

  2. That book is on my list, too!