Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gotta Laugh

This Mary Engelbreit print perfectly captures life with our 21-month old...right down to the dirty dishes in the sink, overalls, and cute little toddler boy haircut!

Funny things Benjamin's been up to lately....

  • We were all walking down the street when a low-rider car with all of its windows rolled down drove by with loud rap music BLASTING. Benjamin quickly stopped right in the middle of the sidewalk and started to dance to it! SO hilarious.
  • Locked himself in our office. I know, this could've been scary, and yes, I was frantic after about five minutes (nothing is more nerve racking then hearing your children cry and not being able to do anything about it!) but thankfully my cell phone was NOT locked in there too, so I was able to call Bart who came right home from work. Together we tried unlocking the door with a paper clip, mini eyeglass screwdriver, and even sliding in a credit card, but no luck. Finally I got the idea to call our landlord who calmly told us that there was a key above one of the door moldings upstairs. I couldn't believe it. I said "Really, are you kidding me?" He said yes, that once upon a time he made sure all of his townhomes had a spare key above one of the upstairs doors but that they disappear over time. As he was saying this Bart was on his tiptoes scanning the tops of all the doors in our house. No luck. Finally Bart put his weight on the doorknob and turned really hard, and voila- it worked. We tested this same forcing the turn trick on the other doors in our house, and it worked again, so until one of those magic keys show up (I asked our landlord to please drop one by), we'll be doing this in place of calling a locksmith.
  • Has been generously sharing his books and toys with his little brother...even pulls open his little fingers to try and put them in his hand. Very nice of him to share, but not quite understanding that Grant's not ready to play yet. Grant is giving him smiles though, and is being a good sport to lots of smothered hugs and kisses. 
  • Was wearing a short sleeve top with buttons down the front that was a bit big on him...Grandad told him that he could be Charlie Sheen's new replacement on the TV show Two And A Half Men....guess Ashton Kutcher beat him to it.
  • Likes to pick up rocks when we go out. We don't want them thrown or mixed in with his toys, so when we get back home we have him place them right by the front door in his special little rock garden. 
  • Feeds his stuffed toy Grover cookies and says "Umm Umm" because he thinks he's Cookie Monster (to his credit, both are monsters and both have blue fur).
  • Using the sweeper brush that comes with a dustpan as a giant brush for his hair (somebody's gonna need a bath to get all of those dust bunnies out!).

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  1. I can totally identify with the locking themselves inside a room thing! Very scary!