Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Let's Have Our Cake and Eat it Two!

They say with each child the time flies by faster and I say I'd have to agree. Our youngest turned 2 last week and we're still trying our best to keep up with how fast she's changing, growing, and learning!

Here's some pics from her simple & sweet cupcake themed b-day gathering. Thank you to all of you who joined us in the celebration!

 Logan has a really cute cupcake shop called Temptation Cupcake. It was the perfect place to have her birthday gathering at because simple and easy was exactly what I had in mind for our busy and sweet 2 year old little girl. ;)

Here's a close up of the Mary Engelbreit party decor that I already had on hand....found at Michaels Craft store.

Love the beautiful selection they always have....they're of course delicious too!

Here's a close-up of the party invites that I made. I simply used these circle cards from Paper Source for the cake part, then trimmed them to fit some ribbed cardboard that I shaped for the cup part, along with these square envelopes, and voila- a DIY cupcake card!

 Party gifts carried the cupcake theme with mini gift bags that had a Build Your Own Cupcake sticker book (so that the kids could decorate their own cupcake) and a little cupcake bubble necklace all found online from Amazon.

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  1. What a fun birthday party theme. Happy 2nd Birthday to sweet,sweet Miss Elyse!