Friday, May 8, 2015

Moms We Are

As Mothers we....

try to manage it all
have lost our cool and later felt terrible about it
wish we could be like some other mom in some other way
spend too much money at Kohl's....seriously, every time I leave this place I always ask myself "Why did I even walk in here? It's not like we actually needed any of this!"
care deeply about how our children feel and how we and others impact their lives
believe our children can do anything!
love a good snack
forget...sometimes the same thing multiple times throughout the day
have our bad days
have our Supermom days!
long for a nice long shower/bath in peace and quiet
are blessed beyond belief 
raise children in the best way we can with hopes that they will become the best that they can

Good work Moms to all that we do!

p.s. click here for a cute and quick article about "You and Me Time"

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