Thursday, May 7, 2015

Taking Notice....

to the allure of Instagram (yes, i know i'm soooo behind the times!) and finding it a funny and clever way to capture and share moments of life. Maybe, just maybe I'll join?

of the new royal baby adorned in ALL WHITE. Complete perfection in my book. Nice to know we're not the only parents on the planet who prefer waiting to find out the baby's gender too! Also loved Kate's happy yellow floral dress. ;)

of my boys wanting more and more to play with their friends....when did Bart and I suddenly become so uncool? This is why when my oldest still asks for me to put him to bed, I do so ever so willingly!

of how smart and ready to go our little Miss Elyse is! She is not quite 2 but already talking in full sentences, picking out her own clothes (she has been struck by the color pink!), and cleaning up after herself and around the house with her mama. I love how us girls know how to get things done!

of my need for a change of scenery. Last Saturday I went down to Salt Lake City ALL BY MYSELF and the drive through Sardine Canyon was like therapy for me. I simply gazed into the green mountains and the blue sky while taking in the curvature of the road and things that I had been dwelling on slowly started to disappear....

of the various ways I can fit in working out into my days and how great it is for me to view this as a NECESSITY!

of how much time I spend loading and unloading the dishwasher OR buying and unloading groceries and I think I could've written a novel with all that time! I don't like to complain, but I think we all could highly benefit from an invention that could wash, dry, and put away dishes and keep food stocked in people's home (just the basics like bread, milk, fruit, and veggies). I know I should be grateful that we have a dishwasher and a kitchen full of food but I'm just not one for so much repetition, you know?

to how wonderfully scrumptious these chocolates are (should be available at any grocery store for around $4 a bag). They're my new MUST HAVE. MUST SHARE.

Ok, that's it for this random Thursday. Hope you're all enjoying M-A-Y! 

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  1. If grocery shopping wasn't already enough work, THEN we have to come home and put it all away! I think this every time I go to the store. I so, so miss my dishwasher from our old home.