Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year Ahead

Ready or not...a new year is coming!

Things I want to remember about 2013:

The pregnancy and birth of our first daughter 
Successfully making something on Pinterest (okay, my kids helped me)
Receiving my love letter (aka How I Met Your Mother  story) from my was a total tear jerker!
Benjamin riding a 2-wheeler bike like a pro
Grant calling his baby sister Leesey (his variation of Elyse)
Getting to know Elyse's darling little self
Finding and buying our first house 
Doing a darn good job packing + moving + organizing with less complaining than the last time we did all that
Installing our very own address numbers and picking out our return of address stamp 
Freely running around in our SAFE and PRIVATE backyard
Giving up cable t.v. - no regrets there at all!
Super relaxing shower with turbo jets (the former owner of our home was a plumber....nuff said)
Practicing and understanding this simple rule in marriage ~ "Your happiness is my happiness"
Finally finding my dream wreath. I'm not the only one who dreams about such things, am I?
Surviving a make-up revamp at Ulta (whew, that place can be overwhelming!)
Incorporating ground flax seed in our diet
Living so close to preschool, church, gym, grocery, library, and dr. =  living our lives conveniently as possible
Oprah's free email list for lots of worthwhile articles about various things...Oh, how I've been missing Oprah!
Finding a Christmas card + roomtowritealetter combo (thank you shutterfly!)
My husband landing a great new job 
Me getting used to the trichotomy of mothering 3 ~ and still considering it a privilege to do so

I don't have any new years resolutions other than to just stay being happy (that takes work too!) and making time for the things that really matter. :) Happy New Year to all of you!

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