Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weird but true...

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My oldest picked up a nasty cold that spread from him to Grant and then of course to me. We've therefore had to cancel, cancel, and cancel ALL the fun plans we had planned this week, including preschool for my oldest. He hadn't missed a day since the school year started, so to him this was weird. So weird in fact, he came into our room yesterday morning (Saturday) all dressed for school announcing "Mom, I'm all ready to go to school!"

Staying home for more than a few days in a row does weird things to me...I really do like being at home most of the time, but it's when I know that we can't go out and interact with the public (we're not into sharing germs) that I start to feel like we're the only ones who exist on the entire planet.

To beat the boredom/weirdness/insanity I did something that I consider pretty brilliant....I busted out 2 toys from the boys' Christmas and gave them to them early. I know, GENIUS! I decided this on a whim. Yes, I'm all for traditions, and waiting for big reveals (hello to waiting to find out the sex at the births of all 3 of our children!) but to me at their young age ~ they don't really get the waiting and they quickly go into TOY OVERLOAD when they're given too many presents all at once. So, on a random donothingallday day last week, I put together a quick scavenger hunt and at the end had one of their Christmas toys waiting for them and guess what....they played with those toys ALL DAY and thought they were THE COOLEST TOYS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. I love this because I know these fairly inexpensive toys (one was a RescueBot, the other a couple of Star Wars figurines) otherwise would've gotten lost in the shuffle had we waited to give them to them in addition to their other cooler gifts.

Other random weirdness going on...

1. Bought our little girl some tights from H&M (because they have really, really cute little kids clothes) in size 6-12 months (she'll be 6 months in a week- can you believe it?). They are soooooo big that I'm pretty sure our 2 1/2 yr old could wear them. Not that I tried them on him or anything....that would be weird.

2. After my last pregnancy, a chunk of hair in the back of my head went curly! I've always had a bit of natural wave going on all over, but this particular section is like full-on curls from root to tip.

3. Grant knows all the words to the Katy Perry song ROAAAR (I know, who doesn't?), is potty training himself, and sometimes calls me Kate. This guy is just too cool for school.

4. My husband has more photos of our kids sleeping (often times in random places) on his phone than he does of them awake.

5. I love children's books so much that I see nothing wrong with buying one some for myself.

6. Watched so many episodes of David Tutera weddings on Netflix that I lost wasn't until Season 5 that I decided it was time to stop because he's kinda a weird-o.

7. Nevermind the fact that we're currently in the middle of winter. I'm so excited that we finally have our own yard that I've already started shopping for outdoor furniture! I'm finding this waaaaay more exciting than shopping for indoor furniture because we have kids and I find comfort in knowing that outdoor furniture can be sprayed down.

8. We currently have containers of baby wipes in like 4 different places in our home. I seriously wonder how I ever got along with out them! I think they are the most versatile, easy, and effective methods of cleaning any one/thing and are something we plan to always keep around the or not!

9. Really liked these two weird but cool movies....Elizabethtown and Now You See Me. I highly recommend them both!

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  1. My hair got really weird after having kids, too. Especially the postpartum bald spots! Gah!