Sunday, February 10, 2013

Baby #3

I've reached the halfway point in my pregnancy with baby #3 ~ yipee! I always find this point exciting. Not because we'll be finding out the gender (per our usual- we've opted for that to be revealed at birth) but because it feels good to know that the baby and I are making progress. While I try not to get too obsessed with dates and countdowns, I like reflecting at each of the mile markers because I think they provide a nice chance for everyone to share in the various changes, and give our family continued support as we prepare for his/her inclusion into our family. This has been a growing time for us all with even more discoveries to come as we learn how to run as a family of 5! 

Even though this is our third child, it's amazing to me how much excitement can still be there. Regardless of its birth order, this child will still be new to us, its own special little individualized person who'll be taking in a new world one day at a time, as we take in him/her one day at a time. I've yet to have Bart take any pregnancy photos of me (on my list of things to do!!!), but I've been working little by little on creating a special newborn space in our home, buying baby essentials here and there, and like I've done for each pregnancy, had a couple of maternity shopping sprees where I buy things just for M E ! I truly believe looking cute = feeling good! 

My most recent shopping trip unexpectedly landed me in the Motherhood Maternity store. Ever since my first pregnancy, I've avoided this store when one of the salesladies bombarded me with pushy sales tactics, not to mention the claustrophobia I experienced with all of their displays. But surprisingly, this time was different- this time the sales lady didn't bother me at all and the store is no longer quite as crowded. I came away with 2 tops and a swimsuit....a swimsuit I LOVE! How many pregnant women do you know who will say that? I bought it because we're having another summer baby and like I found while pregnant with our first, swimming can feel FANTASTIC- especially in the 3rd trimester. ;) Another reasonably price maternity store that I like to stop in at is Kohls. Although they don't have a huge selection, I find the quality a little better than Old Navy. I also find the GAP maternity stuff pretty cute too even though I've yet to get anything from there.

As for the baby ~ I do shop for him/her as well. This is probably the #1 assumption I hear people make once I share we won't be finding out the gender. "Oh, well I like to plan ahead so that's why we found out." Do they know who they're talking to? Yes, it is a bit trickier to find things but the way I see it is I've got 9 months to shop around, so bring on the challenge! Plus, one of my favorite colors to see newborns in is white. Just plain, clean and simple white. After all, you can always add accents with colored blankets, hats, etc. And I don't see a need to buy a lot of things ahead of time (click here for my list for subsequent babies) since their size could have all of the pre-clothing shopping off anyways....hello to my 2 mon. old who was wearing 6 mon. old clothing!. Oh, and while on that subject of preparing for another, have I shared how absolutely marvelous it's been to have had boy-boy? I guess before having two boys I never really thought about all of the conveniences that having two of the same gender in a row would bring, but it has been quite nice for us in a lot of ways....

For example, instead of saying Benjamin and Grant, we can just refer to them as...The BOYS! (because listing out each of their names is so time consuming...ha ha), and obviously money saved on clothes and toys, but I think the most convenient thing is how I no longer need to box-up as much grown-out clothing. It just simply goes up a rack into Grant's section. I would list them playing well together as another bonus, but I can totally see Bart and I encouraging our daughter to play with all the "boy" toys we already have, and think siblings' closeness in age probably has more to do with their similar interests than their genders (during their younger years anyway).

All that said, I think having a daughter would be fun and I'm curious to know if it will feel different than raising boys has been. But that's all I'm going to say about that because I know that boys are downright awesome and I am so thankful for how mine have already shown me in numerous ways how a mother and son can share in intimate and sentimental moments....moments that I can't even put into words they're so sweet. If you've yet to have a son yourself, all I can say is be ready- they will melt your heart. 

While I'm already a bit teary eyed, let me share a little diddy that's been making me smile's a line from the closing song in the animated children's television show Daniel the Tiger (spin off of Mister Rogers). Daniel sings "'ll have things you'll want to talk about, and I will too." I like this line because I think it captures the ever-growing relationship that a parent and child can share....regardless of age, gender, or birth order!

Here's to Baby #3 and all of the wonderful surprises that life holds~

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  1. This is so exciting for you guys, and ALMOST makes me want to have another. Only time will tell. I don't know how on earth I would do it as busy as Brandon is! And yes-- I actually DO love a LOT of things at Motherhood Maternity. Their jeans are the greatest.