Thursday, February 7, 2013

For the love of creativity

As I'm sure many of you other bloggers have noticed, lots of LOVE-themed crafts and decor have been popping up lately on people's blogs. While I like checking out all of the creative and cutesy Valentines stuff, my reality is my 3 year old picking out insisting on these at the grocery store.... 

"Are you sure those are the ones you want?" I asked ever so slightly trying to detour him from his incessant superhero obsession. "Yes." he confidently responded. I sighed as I put them in our cart. 

You see, I was hoping to do something a little more creative like this Pinterest find....
Valentine Heart Stamps

But then it hit me that we could do both. Cute handmade Valentines for our family members and the cheesy, pre-made, commercialized ones for our playgroup buddies (who also are superhero fanatics). Since his playgroup friends also have young siblings, I decided to fill the envelopes with Rice Crispies treats instead of the small choke-able magnets that they came with. Benjamin was fine with this (even though the Valentines themed Rice Crispies are pink) and was pretty excited to have an entire collection of Batman magnets all to himself. 

Why you wonder?

So that he can creatively come up with clever art like this on the fridge:

A robot.

A dinosaur.

Is it just me, or is he a complete a genius? I promise I didn't help him with either of these at all (other than add his signature via Picasa for copyright purposes. ;)).  He had no guidelines to create these shapes or suggestions on what subjects to do. I basically handed him the magnets (while Grant was asleep) and turned around when I heard "Mom, look!"

So much for me writing off his choice of Valentines as un-creative and boring. What I really should do is print copies of his abstract masterpieces and make those into his Valentines. Don't you just love it when your kids teach you?!

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