Friday, July 13, 2012

Apple of My Eye

Be sure to check out this cute new little restaurant, Apple Spice Junction located right next to Expercom (aka Apple computer store...hey, that's how you can remember it, apple computers, apple restaurant. Ha ha) at 1545 N. Main St. here in Logan! 

Originally they were just a catering company, but decided to open their first sit-down restaurant here in Logan - lucky us! I took my boys there earlier this week and we LOVED it. I immediately took notice to the exposed brick, vintage styled decor, and personal touches such as framed photographs of Old Main and other local landmarks, similar to how the Corner Bakery has of the U of U in SLC. I also picked up a cute free notepad (may just be giving them out due to their recent grand opening?). I just love free. 

As for the food (like how I bring this up after discussing the decor?),  they have a fantastic selection of sandwiches, lots of soups, and yummy side dishes such as....FROG EYED SALAD! I also thought their portion sizes were very generous, and have a super friendly staff. 

They're open Mon-Sat. 7:00-9:00 p.m. (so they also offer breakfast).  If you dine in, I recommend their chilled fruit water (it's free), I found it quite refreshing, and only subtly sweet. They also offer a variety of lemonade slushees, perfect in this heat!

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