Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hand Picked

Our family made it out to the Paradise Valley Orchard today. The landscape of that place is seriously a slice of heaven. While they didn't have many apples left (they said their trees were full in August!), we were still able to come away with a a good basket full, plus lots of really nice family photos. Here's some photos of a fun gift idea I came up with to share some of the fresh picked apples. Happy Fall!



Here's the How To:

Pick up some plain sacks at a craft store (they're like 38 cents a piece at Michaels), or lunch sacks from any grocery store, recipe cards, some markers/pens and a few clothes pins.

Decorate the bags as you wish. Even your kids could help! I wrote "hand picked just on you!" for ours.

Then you simply fill the bags with your fall treat and attach your favorite fall recipe to the back with the clothes pin. I choose my Grandma Marie's Apple Cinnamon Cake recipe. Yum yum!