Thursday, October 4, 2012

Quite Lovely...

Nothing like a good book, a refreshingly lovely scent, and new colors of polish to really boost your mood. Or, a piece of gum...(ala Jami Gertz in Jersey Girl...still one of my fave movies of all time). 

If you liked Austenland, chances are you'll love this one. I read it in two days. Yes, it's totally a romance novel, but there's some mystery in there too. I've decided I pretty much love any book/show set in the Regency period. There's just something that I find so interesting about the required social etiquette, impractical but to-die-for dress, and outrageously gorgeous estates.

I had been on the hunt for a new scent for months now. I was about to give up when, like they say about found me when I wasn't looking. I was actually shopping around for various other things at Jolley's when I suddenly was forced to follow my nose to the middle of the store where I discovered a whole line of intoxicating fragrances by Lollia. Since I know I'm soooo picky about scents I just bought a mini size to try out, but the next day (our wedding anniversary) my husband surprised me with the bigger one. ;) Oh, and the name CALM couldn't be more fitting. It's sweet and refreshing without being too musky or floral. You can also buy online here.

 I've been wanting to try out essie brand nail polish for awhile now, and since Logan now has an ULTA store (we're really moving up in the world people!), I went right in today with my coupon (found in mail flyer ads) and bought two new shades! I love coral/pinkish/orange color on my toes (only have time nowadays for clear on my hands), so I picked up TOO TOO HOT and CHUBBY CHEEKS. Hope I like as much as Opi!

May you all enjoy a relaxing weekend! Hasn't this weather just been so lovely? We've been outside every day this the feeling of the sun minus the sweat or sunscreen. ;) Soon I'm also planning to make up a batch of these Pumpkin Bars!

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