Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Being a Utahn

Happy 24th of July! 

Now put on your polka-dotted dress and dance around in the street about it! That truly is what us Utahns do on days such as this. For those of you unfamiliar, in Utah the 24th of July is a state wide holiday held in celebration of the day the Pioneers arrived in Salt Lake City back in 1847 (no, I did not know that off the top of my head, but just read all about it here).

I'm always up for a good parade (heck, even the so-so ones can still be fun), and today at the one held near Willow Park in Logan, I got a bit teary eyed. I thought only the bagpipers at the St. Patty's Day parade could do that to me but nope as it turns out, I'm also a sucker for patriotic wear, firetrucks, and the elderly playing music. I think it's because today's parade wasn't just a typical 4th of July styled pow wow, it was a ILoveUtahAndI'mProudToSayIt kindof parade. That, and a random man in the parade jumped off of his float truck that had all of two balloons on it, took one of them off, and gave it to my son. My son. My son in the crowd of about 100 other cute little children. He then said "I could just tell that he wanted it soooo bad!" He totally made his day. And mine. And that is why I love parades. Everyone is happy, everyone is silly, everyone is put out, but everyone has made the decision to live it up and have fun. 

On our walk home, I started to think about other things that make being a Utahan so special...and decided to share my list.

1) Of course, The Utah Jazz. It's no secret that I'm a big time obsessed fan. So obsessed that we recently considered dropping cable (since we officially have NO time anymore to even watch it) when it hit me that that would mean no more Jazz games. Let me say that again slowly and with some unnecessary caps.....No. More. Jazz. Games. No more Jazz games? Nooooo! Cable stays.

2) The weather. The weather is absolutely perfect here. I love the 4 seasons. No humidity. No crazy bugs like cicadas (visit northern states of eastern US for details), or ticks, or fleas. I love that we can go to Bear Lake on an overcast day and still enjoy pleasant bathwater temperature without sunscreen (I forgot it. Pretty sure this is one of the cardinal sins of motherhood). Yes, I am aware one can still get sunburned on cloudy days so we did make the children keep their shirts on, wear embarrassing sunhats, and only stay for 1 hour. Still, it was heaven. Oh and while there, I highly recommend eating some of Chad's delicious raspberry ice cream found in the freezer section at Garden City shops and gas stations....good to have a back up in case the lines for shakes are too long, or if you go on a Sunday (gasp!), when La Beau's is closed.

3) Very accessible city with little traffic, yummy restaurants, and fun places to shop at. You can check more stuff like this out at the awesome blog: iheartsaltlake. Click here for a past post of mine on things loved in Logan.


4) Jaw dropping scenery. I can't tell you how may times I look up with my camera (which is my new best friend, click here to meet her) and think "POSTCARD!" I love nature. I love flowers. I could honestly live in these gardens at Red Butte

The hills purple coneflowers are alive! 

Picture taken from the Medicinal Gardens. I would love for this to be my backyard one day. I love winding walkways and frame worthy arch ways. That cute bench on the left is actually a bench swing...on it is a plaque that says "In dedication of our Husbands and Fathers." What appropriate and honorable roles to dedicate a bench swing to.

Tell me this pic does not look like the entrance to a 5-star resort! A resort that you too can visit for only $8. 

This is what I think people picture when they hear Utah. It's this people, plus more. In fact, this picturesque spot is only 15 minutes away from downtown. I'm serious! If you don't believe me, call me. I'd be happy to be your tour guide.

Ummm, hello. Is this beyond amazzzzzing, or what?!  I must say, those photography classes have really paid off. That, and our camera won't let me mess up a shot. ;) 

These cool periwinkle blue globe thistle flowers reminded me of Mary Engelbreit. So happy and whimsical. Love how I caught a few little bumble bees hanging out on them too.

5) Jef. Don't act like you don't know who I'm talking about. Okay, if you really don't watch this (which was shot in his home town of southern Utah). I totally agree with the first comment left on that video....better than the book/movie The Notebook. Many times I thought I had sworn off of that silly Bachelor/ette show, but this season was different! To me this season was refreshing (Emily has got it together and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how she puts her child first AND speaks her mind), surprising (but with little drama), and so so sweet. And that Jef perfectly captured the art of being a sensitive, funny, poetic, and charming man while still maintaining "cool." The way Emily said she wondered where he came from reminds me of the way I still think about my husband (so cheesy I know, but so true). I also loved his proposal when he said their timing was just meant to be. Really believe in that too. You can read more about them here and him here.

Okay, well that's all for my iloveutah post. Hope you all are enjoying a fun day ~ be sure to make it a holiday whether you're a Utahn (okay, yes technically I was born in North Dakota) or not! 

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  1. We love Red Butte Gardens too! So pretty!!! Sounds like we missed a fun parade too :)