Thursday, May 27, 2010

What I love about where we live...

This flyer came in the mail a couple months after we moved here summer of '08. I put it up on our fridge (yes, those are the flower magnets featured at katemarki designs) and almost 2 yrs later it still makes me smile because after both my husband and I attended college here (over 5 yrs. ago), neither one of us EVER imagined ourselves moving back. Well, life has a funny way of working out, and here we are living here again! It's been really good for us though and although very familiar, has surprised me with new things, places, and people. 

Here's a list of things I love about where we live...(listed in no particular order).

1. Gossners Dairy. I've never had cheese/butter/ice cream be so fresh, taste so good, and be so cheap! Aggie Blue Mint ice cream from the campus dairy is a close second. 

2. EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING we need is no more than 15 min. away. I'm talking the mall, grocery store, hospital, restaurants, movie theaters. We really enjoy being so centrally located.

3. Inexpensive rent. We were able to double, yes double our sq. footage and pay A LOT less than what we were paying in SLC for a 1 bedroom.

4. Friendly people. I feel really lucky to have met the great friends that I have here.

5. Scones and Vegetarian Eggs Benedict at Angies. Their motto is "Where the locals eat" and those who've been know why we flock there!

6. Elements restaurant. Beautiful ambiance and reasonably priced. Love their buy one get one free special they sometimes run on desserts!  

7. All the kids. It's fun to see so many little ones and have a good group of other tots for my son to play with.

8. Close proximity to lakes and resevoirs. It's so nice to be able to go to local spots that aren't crowded with people or packed with boats and other noisy water toys. The Riverwalk is hands down the best walking trail I've ever been on.

9. Logan Aquatic Center. I love that the kiddie pool is so huge and that they have swim classes for babies. 

10. The Wind Caves hike is one of my favs. and the Green Canyon is very pleasant too. Bart and I agree that we have a hard time living very far away from those mountains!

So yes, one could say that Cache Valley is a special place.

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