Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This Guy

Our adorable Mister G turns 15 months old this week.

15 months is when we started to see lots more fun interactions develop in Benjamin, and that's also been the case with Grant (actually, all probably occurred around 14 months, but shhh, don't tell his older bro.).

Running Barreling towards us for big bear hugs.
Beautiful head of curls for everyone to drool over (babies included).
Bouncing about to any type of beat.
Putting his head down and shaking it "no" repeatedly to get out of whatever he was doing to cause us to say no in the first place (he just has to know how cute he is).
Playing catch and throwing like a pro. Should I look into getting him signed up now for sports?
Opening and shutting drawers. Now if I could just teach him to put the right stuff back in each...
Correctly imitating lion, snake, cow, and elephant sounds (I must admit I have trouble making a proper elephant it just me, or is that one hard to do? I'd love any tips).
Walking backwards into our lap with a book as he kurplunks himself down for a read (I have yet to ever turn him down!).
Still having the BEST belly laugh. In the entire world. It's so deep and loud that I sometimes wonder if our neighbors can hear it.
Hands down THE messiest eater I have ever seen. 
Kisses. On the lips. This guy goes right for it! 

Ok, enough of the funny stuff. Here's warning that I'm now about to get pretty sappy....

On the day Grant was first put into my arms, he stared up at me ever so confidently. I still see that look in him. There is truly something so magnificent, so inherently wise, so indescribably sweet about this guy. 

No doubt about it.

Being his mom = true joy.


  1. That last bit made me tear up. It goes fast! Love ALL these things about mister G!

  2. Love this! And he is so much fun!