Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our New Room...

As shared in an earlier post, my husband and I did something drastic. We traded bedrooms with our youngest. After all, it makes perfect sense for the youngest to have the BIGGEST room in the house, non? Well, seeing how our previous master bedroom (it's the only carpeted room large enough for play in our house) was constantly surrounded by toys, this below set up is like a slice a heaven. I invite you to come on in...

 I took these photos in the early evening and actually find the gray shadows (even though I did take some with the light on) quite fact, I can't help but picture the stormy scene between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy in the film Pride & Prejudice (Bart is so rolling his eyes at me right now). But when it comes to bedrooms, I think finding that feeling of dreamy escape is important.

 No, I didn't zoom in to take this shot. This photo was taken from me standing in the little walkway at the end of our bed. Our ginormous, headboard-less (I've since added long king size pillows behind our printed shams which have really helped out), king size bed. Yes, this room probably wasn't intended for a bed of this size, but it fits (thank goodness), along with a nightstand on either side and we LOVE it. If you can remember from before, we once had a baby in our room, then a computer + desk, now this room is simply a room with a bed in it. Just for us. Surprisingly I've also come to love the white walls, bare windows, ivory bedding, and neutral accents. All very easy breezy. 

We love having this window because it's located in the back end of the house it doesn't get as much bright light (hence the foggy Pride & Prejudice moment that I often resort to).

Here's a view of the whole room. I wasn't kidding when I said it is simply a room with a bed in it. Oh, and yes, one day I'll update those college-style photo collages. But for now they still give Bart and I fond this century. 

Next up will be what that old, totally overrated Master Bedroom now looks like...stay tuned!