Sunday, November 27, 2011

Up the stairs and to the right...

and you'll find our master bedroom and bathroom, walk-in closet, and work space. The floor plan of this room labels what we're using as a work space as a "sitting area" but with a family of four in a 1,400 sq. feet home, we don't do much "sitting." When we first moved in, we actually used the space for Grant. He's since been moved (hello again sleep!) to the playroom which has been working out really well.

We love these 3 square windows. Possibly my favorite thing about this house. Now you know why I skipped out on window treatments in here! We also are enjoying the ceiling fan~ nothing like a soft gentle breeze and the hummm of a fan to put you right to sleep. Not sure why all of the designers on Trading Spaces always despised them so much!

View from the side of the bed.

Love the vivid colors in this landscape. 

Love the calm serenity of Central Park amidst all of the busyness of New York City.

Here's the "sitting area" that was formerly set up as Grant's space.

Here's how we're using that space now...(me right now actually as I type this!)
Love how by simply closing the doors of the armoire, the computer/desk goes away!

 Love re-purposing ceramic vases/planters as holders for various things.

I always wanted a window seat. Luckily our tufted leather bench fit right in!

 View of the master bathroom walking in from the bedroom.

 View from the attached walk-in closet. Love the double sinks and deep drawers.

View into the closet... 

 Hello beautiful closet. I am really quite proud of my organization here. Who needs a dresser with all this built-in shelving? Pretty amazing that ALL of my clothes (okay, not ALL but most) and ALL of Bart's clothes fit in ONE closet!

Master Bedroom
Bedding and lamp shades: Pottery Barn
Lamp bases: Home Depot
Rug: Target
Artwork: Hobby Lobby (horizontal landscape print) and Marshalls (Central Park)

Work Space
Armoire: Office Max
Office Chair: Staples
Dark Ebony Bookshelves: Target and West Elm
Tufted Leather Bench: Restoration Hardware 
Toss Pillows: TJ Maxx, Boutique in France, and Shopko

Master Bathroom
Shower Curtain: JC Penney
Scroll artwork: Emilie Jaynes
Sweet Pea Flowers: Pottery Barn 
Bath Rugs: Kohls

Walk-in Closet
Baskets: Shopko, Marshalls, and Michaels

Next up Hallway, Boys Bathroom, and Laundry Room! 


  1. I loved your house. I am not an organized person but always wishes to be. My house is clutter and my walls are bear. I loved looking at these pictures and knowing that I can maybe oneday be like you (that goes for motherhood as well).

  2. Love seeing into your home. It is beautiful!

  3. What a gorgeous home! So cozy and inviting! Love the bench as the window seat!