Monday, September 6, 2010

Jolley Jug

There's a funny story to go along with this post title. It begins with my sister, Bart, and I shopping around at some stores on 9th & 9th. We spotted a BEAUTIFUL Boxwood wreath (don't you just love pretty door wreaths?), on the door of Koo De Ker, so I asked the store clerk if she knew where it was from. She quickly said, "Oh yeah, you're like the third person who's asked that- it's from the Jolley Jug down the street on like 700 S. 1100 E. (I thought that's what she said anyway). I thanked her and happily went to let my sister and Bart know that we now had one more stop to add to our day out. We all laughed at the name, but were now very curious about this peculiar little store since she made it sound like quite the local stop....after driving around for few minutes with no sign of a Jolley Jug, I had to get out and get directions, so we stopped at a little market so that I could run inside and embarrassingly make a fool out of myself. You see, the ACTUAL name of the store is.... Jolley Drug
NOT Jolley Jug. Ha ha...but who would of thought one could find an adorable wreath at a drug store? Oh, this is NOT any drugstore- it's a COOL drugstore with a REALLY cute gift shop inside! The great thing is that I found their prices cheaper than you would expect at other boutique shops, while still getting the unique look and quality. In fact, later on we went to Bloomingsales in Foothill where we saw the EXACT same wreaths for $10 more. So, in my opinion, Jolley Jug Drug is definitely worth checking out!

Jolley Drug's Salt Lake City & Sandy Locations:
1702 South 1100 East (note: this location did NOT have any wreaths when we went...)
1676 E 1300 S (Only had ONE Boxwood one left when we went...)
9829 South 1300 East #100, Sandy, UT

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  1. I love the Jolley Pharmacy. They have super cute stuff and you are right, really well priced. It reminds me of how Holladay Pharmacy was before they were bought.